Dudmaston's Orchard

dudmaston orchard

Welcome to the orchard, a space to relax and unwind amongst the apple trees. Our gardeners and volunteers work throughout the year to ensure the trees bear a bounty of fruit, ready for picking and pressing in the early Autumn.

With more than 15 varieties of apples growing in our orchard throughout the year, it's always a busy and exciting time when the fruit is ripe and ready for picking in the early autumn.

Apple varieities grown in the orchard include; Adams Pearmain, Blenheim Orange, Charles Ross and Coxes Orange Pippin.

Our dedicated garden volunteers tend to the orchard all year round. They help out with pruning in the winter, as well as clearing and mulching, not forgetting fruit picking in the autumn.

" The Laxton Superb is my favourite variety of apple grown in the orchard. The fruit is really sweet, with a satisfying bite! The apples are also a good source of nectar for our bees. "
- Joan, Garden Volunteer

Each year we press our apples and bottle their tasty juices, ready to go on sale in the shop and tearoom. Every October we hold our annual Orchard Day when we press our apples and celebrate harvest time.

Apples ready for pressing on Orchard Day at Dudmaston
Apples at Dudmaston
Apples ready for pressing on Orchard Day at Dudmaston