Explorer trail in Comer Woods

Boy cycling comer woods dudmaston

The route offers a 3.5 km safe off-road path through Dudmaston's stunning woodland. The trail will be suitable for families to explore, but it's also perfect for cyclists, walkers, runners and adapted wheelchair users to enjoy.

We're passionate about getting people outdoors and closer to nature. Our aim is to make access to the parkland as easy as possible and make people feel comfortable about heading off into the countryside.

Take in the woodland at your own pace
Comer Woods explorer trail autumn
Take in the woodland at your own pace

In partnership with Sport England, Dudmaston is part of a national project to provide multi-use trails, giving you the opportunity to explore more of the estate than ever before.

The Explorer Trail is suitable for walkers, runners and push cyclists
Explorer trail map comer woods dudmaston
The Explorer Trail is suitable for walkers, runners and push cyclists

Access for all

The Explorer trail is multi-use, intended for walkers, runners, cyclists and adapted wheelchair users. The route is aimed at people who aren’t regularly taking part in activity, not for confident cyclists or mountain bikers.  

Bring your dog for a walk
Couple walking a dog on woodland path
Bring your dog for a walk

For families

As more families visit Dudmaston, it’s important we can provide a safe place for them to enjoy the wider estate too. A place that they can be active together, safe in the knowledge that they’re in a traffic free environment.

The circular trail has been designed with materials that will mean it can be used all year round, by a wide variety of users.The surfaces are not designed for racing road bikes, but for families looking for an easy, safe route on which they can spend time outdoors together.

What happens next?

The Explorer trail is ready and waiting to host your next outdoor adventure. This is just part of the work we're doing in Comer Woods to improve access and your journey into Dudmaston's wider estate. Keep up to date with developments.