Finding fungi at Dudmaston

A Fly Agaric toadstool amongst autumnal leaves

Dudmaston is one of the best places to spot fungi in Shropshire. Wet Septembers result in a good crop of fungi, so come along this Autumn and see which types you can spot.

Top places to spot fungi

Woodland is one of the best places to see fungi growing on tree trunks. Different trees have their own specialist fungi.  Look out for masses of honey fungus on old tree trunks in early October.

Fungi grows in some incredible places
Fungi walk at Dudmaston Autumn 2016

The parkland trees are full of hollows (thanks to the action of fungi). Brightly-coloured brittle gill toadstools grow around the trees.  In summer, you can find bright yellow Chicken of the Woods growing on several of the old trees. Why chicken? Believe it or not, it tastes like it!

The grazed grassland have rings of field mushrooms – usually devoured by the maggots of fungus gnats long before you find them.

The formal garden glistens with the reds, yellows and oranges of waxcaps in late autumn.  Bright green verdigris toadstool pop up in flower beds growing on an old root.

The orchids of the fungus world - Waxcaps
The orchids of the fungus world - Waxcaps