Hart of the Wood

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Coming to Comer Woods in Spring 2020, Hart of the Wood is an immersive art project and performance, created by artist Benjamin Wigley. The project is a celebration of Dudmaston's woodland heritage and marks 40 years since the property opened to visitors.

Benjamin Wigley

Benjamin Wigley is an artist and film-maker whose work explores the journeys people make in life. He is the founder of Artdocs, which spans platforms and audiences by exploring multi-layered, immersive journeys through experimental film, documentary, art and interpretation. 

Artist and filmmaker, Ben Wigley
Artist Ben Wigley taking photographs
Artist and filmmaker, Ben Wigley

Hart of the Wood

'Hart of the Wood' is a folkloric, visual journey through Dudmaston's woodland. Through song, film and performance, the artwork will explore the practices and traditions of woodland workers, as well as the presence of the mystical Green Man.


Three kinetoscopes will be placed along the Explorer trail in Comer Woods, from Spring 2020. Benjamin will work with sound artist Nathaniel Robin Mann to create films for each of the hand-cranked projector boxes.

The artworks will be created from audio archive recordings and new interviews with Dudmaston's Wood Folk. Their voices will be overlaid onto folk music to recreate the rhythm of traditional work songs.

Live performance

To celebrate the installation of the kinetoscopes, a live performance event will be held in Comer Woods on the Summer Solstice. The procession will be a participatory event and a live exploration into the mystical, folkloric traditions of the woodland.