Renewable energy at Dudmaston

Dudmaston biomass boiler

The biomass boiler system uses woodchip from the estate to heat the mansion and galleries. This renewable energy source saves on bills and carbon emissions.

Trees are taken down as part of regular woodland work which helps with new growth and biodiversity. The wood is chipped, dried to a specific moisture content and then used to fuel the boiler.

Dudmaston no longer uses large quantities of oil for heating and this reduces our carbon emissions and our energy bills. The biomass system contributes to the National Trust's aim to reduce our use of fossil fuels by 50% by 2020.

Local, sustainable fuel

The new biomass system is fuelled by wood grown right here on the estate. Dudmaston has a history of pioneering forestry management, and we're really excited to continue our green heritage.

woodland, photo

A new vision for the woodland

Captain Geoffrey's woodland management skills saved the estate from economic decline.

A greener future

Thanks to the biomass bioler project, we're able to heat the mansion and galleries to the correct levels needed to conserve the collections, and offer comfort to visitors.