Shaking things up indoors and out

Dudmaston shaken stirred victoria modern art gallery

Artist Faye Claridge asked visitors, volunteers, staff and residents at Dudmaston to suggest contrasts and links from the property and grounds, a place where ancient meets modern in its woodland, collection and family histories. In response to your suggestions, we’re shaking things up indoors and out.

Faye and the Conservation team have moved real objects or highlighted stories in a new setting, placing them amongst artworks, buildings and nature, to offer a change in perspective and invite your emotional response.

The pairings

Do the connections shock, satisfy or stir you?

We want to know which pairing interests you and how it makes you feel. Perhaps you want to learn more about the story, maybe you can add to it or you want to talk to someone about it.

Keep Shaken and Stirred moving

Shaken and Stirred is an evolving art project and relies on your participation to shape its direction. Tell us about the pairing that has the most impact on you by using #stirred on Instagram or pick up a comments card on your next visit.

In 2019, Faye will make a brand new piece of artwork for us all to experience at Dudmaston, in response to the ideas and contributions you’ve made throughout the year.