Shaken and Stirred

1838 estate plan Dudmaston estate

Help us to mix and match pieces from our collection to discover stories from Dudmaston's past, present and future. Artist Faye Claridge is working alongside us to re-present items from our old and Modern collection to help you see the objects in new and inspiring ways.

Owned by one family and never sold, the estate has seen plenty of comings and goings and heard countless stories during it's near 900 year existence.

It would be impossible to know, nevermind to tell, all the stories that have come to shape the land, buildings and lives that make Dudmaston what it is today. Shaken and Stirred is a participatory project that seeks to blur the lines between our ancient and Modern collections.

During 2018, we'll be working with Warwickshire artist Faye Claridge who'll help us to shake up our existing displays by pairing old objects with new. One vital ingredient is missing from the mix - you. Gallery One is changing and we need you to help shape what it will become. Create your own object pairings and share your ideas with us.

" After going to an exhibition of abstract art I feel as if I have had a number of very good cocktails."
- Sir George Labouchere

Behind every object is a story. Who bought, used or collected it? When was it last used or displayed? Working closely with you, we'd like you to share our collection in a new way and explore what stories and themes are important to you. .

The most popular story to come from the project will shape a brand new exhibition in Gallery One in 2019. Shaken and Stirred relies on regular participation and engagment so do come back throughout the year to see what's changing and how you can get involved.