Repairs begin on Sourlands Pool at Farnborough Hall

Pool within woodland at Farnborough Hall

As part of our partnership with Natural England, we will begin to make repairs to Sourlands Pool. The repairs are part of the 5 year programme under Higher Level Stewardship, and will see improvements to the weirs and dam.

Our work

Work will include repairs to bank sides, tree removal and thinning of naturally planted trees from the water edge and around the forested areas.
It will also include maintenance to two spillways found beside the dam, to ensure that excess water is removed safely from the pool.
These repairs will help prevent excessive bank erosion and flooding as the flow of water will be more controlled, as well as helping to conserve and protect the dam and weirs.
The work will be phased over the next two years.

Year 1

  • Clearance of the two spillways will be taking place to allow a structural engineer to survey the area and make recommendations.
  • Work around the two spillways and adjacent dam based on advice and recommendations.
  • Removal of insignificant, damaged or diseased trees in the immediate forested areas; followed by planting of native trees to enhance the vistas.

Year 2

  • Structural repairs to the weirs and dam bank
  • Removal of fallen trees from the water ways

Find out more

For more information about the work we will be doing and if you would like to become more involved please send us an email.