Explore the historic parkland

View over fields with stone pillar from temple on the left

The designed parkland was laid out in the 18th-century to draw your attention to the wonderful views and vistas from high points and low points, whist riding out on horseback or carriage around the Estate.

A designed ‘Ferme Ornee’!

The 500 acres of parkland are a rare example of a ‘ferme ornee’, ornamental farm, which is an ornamental landscape within a traditional working farm.  The farm buildings are made of cut stone and look like dwellings whereas the land is planted with deep shrubberies and thick hedgerows to enhance the curves of the fields.

Re-viewing the views

The views across the Estate have been lost over the years, with additional planting for screening the M40 motorway and increased field margins, where hedgerows have been removed to allow for more extensive farming to take place.  With the help of historical research and archaeological evidence, we are gradually returning the landscape to reflect how it was first recorded on the Estate Map in  1772,  when William Holbech II returned from his grand tour of Europe.

Big plans are well underway

We were successful in our bid to Natural England for European funding to be part of a ‘Higher level Stewardship scheme’. This has funded part of the money needed for the first 3 years of the 10 year scheme. Working in joint partnership we are now in the middle of a 3 year project to return the landscape as it was intended in the 1772 map.   

Take a walk

To take in some of the intended views across the Estate follow the various footpaths below.

Follow the public footpaths set out in the ordnance survey map Explorer 206 – Edge Hill and Fenny Compton. We suggest starting a walk at one of the following three points.

Starting Grid refs: 434497

Starting and parking from the village following Public Footpath North West onto Windmill Hill looking back to views to the village and wider Estate.

Starting Gird refs: 433496

Starting and parking from the village following Public Footpath South East past the Church and into Farnborough Park finally taking in views across to Warmington escarpment.

Starting Grid refs: 435499

Starting and parking from the village following Public Footpath North East towards Claydon looking towards Priors Hardwick in the distance.

Keeping an eye on wildlife

Working together with the tenant farmer we have now returned over 65 acres of highly cultivated land back into meadow grazed pasture land.  Our aim is to increase more long term and natural habitats throughout the landscape to attract more wildlife. When you are out and about please let us know if you see anything unusual.