Things to see and do at Farnborough Hall

View of house and lawn

Return to the 18th century and explore the life of the Holbech family. Enter this welcoming family home with its honey-stone walls, sentimental family items and photographs. Appreciate the finest plasterwork adorning the interiors and spot the many treasures that William Holbech II collected during the Grand Tour.

Family life in the country

Start your journey in the forecourt and admire this country house from a grand entrance.
Little is known of this landscape, but see its past and present through ponds, external features and an orchard with its veteran pear and apple trees.

Take a wander through the village to the church to take in the views of the grand walled Kitchen garden and further on the Game Larder enclosed by a Holly hedge beyond.


Explore the terrace

Experience the vision of one man, William Holbech II, and his grand landscape design as you amble up the terrace and take in the views of the parkland beyond.  Where William used to wave to his brother in the nearby village of Mollington, now blocked by a coniferous woodland, planted after the war.  

This long mile of grass walkway to the obelisk takes in the lovely views over the surrounding parkland and across to Warmington Valley, along with places to rest in the spectacular iconic temple and upstairs pavilion returning by the ornamental woodland with dappled light and shade.


Informality of the formal gardens

Admire the unbroken views from the house across the parkland and see the wide open lawns adjoining the formal and informal.
The garden features a curiously designed rose garden and the remains of a formal orangery. Now a beautiful spot to sit and wonder about 18th century life.

Beautifully hidden secrets

Just a short walk away still within the grounds of the formal gardens is a hidden gem of a magical cascade and foundations of a much later summer house.

Take a stroll alongside the parkland and Granny's Walk and discover the remains of a summer house.
Sit and look over the lake with the cascade running behind you and find out what makes this spot so special. 

Past to present, then and now

Step through time as you walk along the old driveway and main entrance to the house.Take an amble along Granny's Walk under the shelter of the yew canopy and imagine the entrance as it would have been all those years ago.
Take a peek at the old ice house before heading back to the rose garden and orangery. 

Take a stroll

The secrets of Farnborough continue outside of the formal grounds. Take a walk across the road and stroll around the Pools and woodland to take in the views back across the parkland a ‘rare example of a ferme ornee’ to the bastions along the Terrace.

Spot seasonal changes in wildlife, from trees to insects as you delve deeper into the past. 

Intriguing interiors

Step inside the honey-coloured stone walls, and discover the hidden treasures of Farnborough Hall, remaining largely unaltered since the 18th century.
It is a personal collection containing exquisite sculptures, porcelain and artwork by Panini and Canaletto.

Admire the grand staircase leading up to the first floor, with its 18th century skylight dome and beautiful wall decoration, all part of the grand design.