Work begins on the Cascade - phase 2 update

Groups of people on the shore of the lake

At the beginning of September work will begin on restoring the Cascade. This restoration work is part of our Higher Level Stewardship Scheme with Natural England.

The Cascade is an intergral part of the Grade 1* listed landscape parkland, and the work that is carried out will ensure the monument remains intact forever.

Plan of works

Over the past six months surveying, planning and preparation works have taken place to get us ready to the point where restoration works can actually take place.

The restoration works require the complete removal of the rubble from behind the right hand side of the Cascade. By removing the rubble we will be able to check the Cascade foundations and its construction, we can then make any repairs to the foundations as necessary.

On the right hand side the stone has almost completely degraded and has had water flowing through it when the Cascade is in operation. The stone on this side of the Cascade will be completely replaced. The left hand side, which is not in as bad a condition will be re-pointed, as will the Cascade channel.

View Points

The best place to view the Cascade and the Serpentine is along the terrace walk, where excellent views can be seen around the parkland from the different vantage points and buildings along the walk. Note: the property is only open until the end of September.

Latest posts

31 Jul 16

Appointment of the builders

Having gone out to tender we have now appointed the firm that will carry out the restoration works to the Cascade. It's the same company that carried out the work on Sourland last year. They are due to start at the beginning of September.

01 Feb 16

Removal of the reeds

The reeds have been removed from the front of the cascade and along the edge of the pool to tidy up and to redefine the pool edges. This will allow the Cascade to once again create ripples across the lake's surface when it is switched back on.