Knole Conservation Studio, Kent

Secondary school visit to Knole

Our places are full of thousands of beautiful artifacts. Now you can learn more about the tricks and techniques we use to look after them and see specialist staff at work.

We look after tens of thousands of rare items, including books and manuscripts, ceramics, textiles, paintings, prints, furniture and sculpture.

It is important work and a vital part of what we do.

But many of these artefacts are very old and fragile. They need expert care and attention if they are to survive.

See staff at work

Thanks to your support we can now help visitors better understand the processes used at the new, state-of-the-art conservation studio at Knole, Kent.

This will allow the public to see our conservation staff at work.

On show will be many of the remarkable objects from Knole’s collection that are waiting to be preserved.

Hands on

Visitors will also be able to get hands-on with interactive workstations and try out some conservation techniques for themselves as they learn more about this little-known art.

The studio will be free to enter and open all year round.

Also opening alongside the studio is the Hayloft Learning Centre, which will host events and workshops inspired by Knole’s unique history tailored to families, schools and adult education.