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We look after many rich and diverse archaeological sites, from the awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon burial ground at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk to Levant Mine and beam engine, part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. Our archaeologists work to care for these places so that everyone can enjoy them.

Archaeology enables us to tell the stories of the places that we care for, revealing their longer histories of use and people. Through the earthworks of lost landscapes, buildings, buried remains and artefacts we’re able to make connections with past communities and understand more about the lives that they led.   

The Dig film and Sutton Hoo's story
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Go on a journey of discovery at Fountains Abbey

In this video tour, you'll discover the story of Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, where archaeology has shed light on medieaval life. Learn more about these archaeological finds and understand how modern technology allows this journey of discovery to continue.

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" To me, archaeology roots us in place and time and gives a sense of belonging – of depth of time. And that is why archaeology is important to the Trust. We can display the evidence and tell stories of the habitation of these islands dating back thousands of years. "
- Ian Barnes, Senior National Archaeologist
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