Autumn's highlights

It's always fun to play in the autumn leaves

Autumn on Crickley Hill brings many changes. Everywhere you turn bright splashes of colour surround you. The beech woodlands seem to slip effortlessly from green to warm gold while fungi pop up, inviting you to take a closer look with their mesmerising shapes and colours.

The woodland areas offer amazing displays of colour. Known for their outstanding autumn displays, beech trees can be found hidden within the woods. The site where the ancient hill fort once stood offers far reaching views across Gloucestershire to the Welsh mountains beyond. The landscape peppered with warming shades of brown, gold and deepest red.

The ink cap fungi look so delicate
The ink cap fungi look so delicate

As the weather cools and the days' get shorter keep a look out for the many different fungi that shoot up. There are over 600 varieties to be spotted from scarlet waxcaps to green elf cups.