Being green: a winner's story

Visitors in the garden at Croft Castle, Herefordshire

Croft Castle’s retail manager, Tina Bennett, has been boosting her green credentials since winning a year’s free electricity with Good Energy in a staff competition.

Green-conscious living
Living in the middle of nowhere has posed a few challenges to green-conscious mum, Tina Bennett. The house she shares with her husband, son and three cats in Herefordshire was not hooked up to gas and was dependent on oil for heating.
‘We felt very conscious about our oil and energy consumption,’ Tina said. ‘So we decided to put some solar panels on our roof and a wood burner in the house. In the first year, the wood burner saved us around £500 of our oil bill, which was amazing.’
A winning formula
She said they had already been thinking of switching to a renewable electricity supplier, so it was 'perfect timing' when she won a staff competition for a year’s supply of electricity with our partner Good Energy.
'I was absolutely delighted when I found out I’d won,' she said. 'I don’t normally win anything - the last thing I won was a bottle of aftershave on a tombola, so to win our electricity for a year was brilliant.'
She said switching over to Good Energy was a doddle.
'All I had to do was take a meter reading and they pretty much sorted the rest. It’s been very easy and their service has been excellent.'
Clean living at home and work
Spurred on by their new clean-energy lifestyle, Tina and her husband have even swapped their cars for more efficient models, giving them savings of around £200 a month in tax and fuel.
But she said it’s not all about the money; Tina said that as a mum she doesn’t want to see her son growing up in an unhealthy world, at risk of power blackouts.
'At Croft Castle, we’re building a biomass boiler to get off oil,' she said. 'I think it’s wonderful that the Trust is doing these things. We have so much wood in Herefordshire that we have to manage anyway – it makes perfect sense to use it for clean energy rather than letting it go to waste.'
Make the switch
Good Energy sources its electricity from renewable sources like sunshine, wind and rain. Support local generators like Aberdulais Falls by making the switch today. For every person that switches quoting the National Trust, Good Energy will donate up to £40 to help the Trust get off oil.
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Find out what we are doing to conserve energy, and how you can help. For each customer who switches electricity and gas, Good Energy will send you a National Trust gift card worth up to £40. Plus, for every year you're a Good Energy customer they will give us a donation to support our conservation work.

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