Capturing the magic of special places

Chris Johnson, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Ranger at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge.

Taking photographs is one of the most important things we do. By sharing beautiful, memorable images of the places in our care, we can inspire more people than ever to protect the nation’s heritage. Panasonic is providing our staff and volunteers with the latest Lumix cameras, so they can create the best possible images of the wildlife and nature in our care.

Here’s how six of our snap-happy staff got on when they went out and about with the latest Lumix camera. From recording unique wildlife to documenting the changing landscape, each stirring shot captures the magic of a special place.

Rob Coleman, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Education Officer at Sheringham Park

Rob Coleman

‘I’m Rob Coleman, Education Officer at Sheringham Park. It’s my job to inspire the thousands of children who go pond-dipping and bug-hunting every year. That’s why I’m always trying to get the best possible shots of the creepy-crawlies that kids love so much. I’m getting great results with the macro lens on the Lumix – the mini-beasts look amazing in close-up. It helps, too, that the camera is so light and portable. In fact, I’ve used several shots for an award application that’ll bring even more resources to this special place.’


Tracey Blackwell

‘My name’s Tracey Blackwell. As Marketing Officer at Croome, I have the privilege of sharing the wonders of ‘Capability’ Brown’s masterpiece. This is one of the grandest landscapes in England, so I need a camera that can do justice to its majesty. I’m finding the Lumix really useful for updating web pages and filling my press releases with rich, evocative images. The views over the Malverns that I’ve captured are particularly stunning. Plus the camera’s video function is a great way for me to tell Croome’s story on social media.’

Chris Johnson, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and ranger at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Chris Johnson

‘My name’s Chris Johnson, one of the Rangers at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge. I’m fortunate enough to spend my days in the largest area of ancient, semi-natural woodland in Northumberland. Since the devastating storm of 2016, a lot of my time is spent documenting the damage caused to this fragile landscape. Erosion to riverbanks. Paths that have worn away. The loss of delicate wildlife habitats. For me, the sharp, lightweight Lumix is the perfect tool for cataloguing the urgent repair and conservation work that needs to be done.’

Hilary Daniel, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Visitor Reception Assistant at Trelissick, Cornwall

Hilary Daniel

‘I’m Hilary Daniel and I’m a Visitor Reception Assistant at Trelissick, Cornwall. Being a bit of a camera buff, I think the Lumix does a wonderful job of bringing out the beauty of this special place. Tucked away at the foot of the country, Trelissick relies heavily on social media to attract visitors and supporters. So it’s great to be able to share eye-catching photos of the Japanese red cedar or the Cornish orchard. And there’s nothing quite like the panoramic views of the Fal estuary.’

Neil Jakeman, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Volunteer at Saddlescombe Farm and Devil’s Dyke

Neil Jakeman

‘My name is Neil Jakeman, and I volunteer at Saddlescombe Farm and Devil’s Dyke. As a keen amateur photographer, I contribute shots to the National Trust library – so I needed no persuasion to test drive the Lumix in the wilds of West Sussex. Photography really is the lifeblood of what we do. The more amazing shots we can share with staff and volunteers, the more they can do to attract new members and promote vital conservation projects. A great image can do wonders for our heritage.’

Harriet Davies, Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Ranger on the Roseland in south Cornwall

Harriet Davies

‘I’m Harriet Davies, a Ranger on the Roseland in south Cornwall. This unique place is a photographer’s dream, and I never tire of cataloguing the wildlife and changing coastal landscape. I’m loving the new Lumix – it’s so easy to use. Whether it’s a close up of a butterfly or a far-reaching view of the headland, every image is stunning. We’re so remote here on the Roseland, it’s really important that we spread the word about this place through brilliant photographs on social media. And the Lumix helps me do just that.’

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