Caring for historic landscapes in the Midlands

'Capability' Brown's designed landscape at Croome in Worcestershire

The places we care for are often praised for their appearance - for the beautiful and varied landscapes and gardens in harmony with nature. But many of these parks and gardens have actually had more than a little helping hand.

Famous names like 'Capability' Brown and Humphry Repton and movements such as the Picturesque have all left their stamp on the places we care for. Our gardeners and rangers work hard all year round to maintain and protect these landscapes across the Midlands for all visitors to enjoy.


The passing of time has, in some cases, meant that these gardens and parks no longer reflect their original designs. At Croft Castlein Herefordshire and Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire we’ve started ambitious projects to transform the grounds back to reflect the appearance their original designers intended. This work will also mean these places become even better havens for wildlife, birds and rare flowers.


As well as modern day gardeners and rangers we rely on our expert curators and gardeners to ensure these parks and gardens remain true to their historic designs. We try to ensure that places reflect the views and aims of their designers despite the passage of time.


The majority of places we look after have had their grounds, gardens or parks manipulated to some degree by their designers and owners. At some places the hand of man is easier to detect, at others it’s more subtle. 

'Capability' Brown

One name that regularly crops up when looking at the design of historic landscapes is Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. Brown was one of the first people to truly impose his vision on the landscape and here in the Midlands we’re fortunate enough to care for both the first and last places he worked on.


Your visits, support and donations helps us to protect and preserve these special places, so keep your eyes open for signs of enhancement and improvement by historic figures keen to show off the natural world to best advantage. 


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