Cheddar Gorge Walk, Somerset

Soay sheep on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon

England's largest gorge, looked after by the National Trust, offers walkers spectacular views of landscape and wildlife alike.

Grade: Moderate

At almost 400ft (122m) deep and three miles (4.8km) long, Cheddar Gorge is England's largest gorge, and with its weathered crags and pinnacles it's one of our most spectacular natural sights. The gorge plays host to a varied community of specialised plants and wildlife, many of which you’ll get the chance to spot on this exhilarating four-mile circular walk.

Along the way you can spot feral Soay sheep, jackdaws, buzzards and ravens, and possibly even the fastest creature on Earth, the peregrine falcon.

Please don't attempt this walk in foggy or very windy weather and stay on the signed footpaths. Please do not stand under the cliffs as small rocks may fall at any time. In normal conditions, this walk will take one hour and forty minutes.