Claire and Hannah Garrett

Claire and Hannah Garrett married in May 2015 at Quarry Bank

Claire and Hannah married in May 2015, and held their reception at Quarry Bank in Cheshire.

We got engaged in the Lake District and started looking at wedding venues, but it seemed as though most were grand country houses which just didn’t feel like us.

When we found out that we could have our reception at Quarry Bank, we liked the link to industrial, working-class history, and to Manchester, which is where we now live. We chose the kitchen garden as a setting for a lot of our photos as Claire is a keen gardener; it’s set on a hillside looking down on the mill, so it was perfect for photography.

One of the best parts of the day was being driven around in a golf buggy, and people waving at us as we went past.

We’re looking forward to coming back with a family one day, having picnics here and making it a place we continue to build memories together.

Bride from side view in Georgian house with portrait on wall


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