Collection highlights at our places

Want to delve into the objects and works of art in the houses and world-class collections we care for? Browse all our collections content in one place.

The Drawing Room at Peckover House and Garden, Cambridgeshire

The Londonderry Collection at Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart, County Down

Learn more about items of international importance to the Londonderry family history including portraits and memorabilia.


Things to see and do at Overbeck's

Overbeck's, Devon

Explore the banana garden, meander through the woodland or relax beneath the palms. Overbeck's is home to an unusual collection of rare and tropical plants, creating a dramatic display of hot colours and exotic scents set against sea views.


Summer solstice traditions and sun worship

The longest day has been marked as the high point of summer – or midsummer – since the Neolithic era. Curator Catherine Troiano looks at the traditions and folklore of this ancient festival and explores how the it was observed at the places we care for in days gone by.


Addressing the histories of slavery and colonialism at the National Trust

The National Trust cares for places and collections on behalf of the nation, and many have direct and indirect links to slavery and colonialism. We're addressing these histories and their cultural significance.


'If I could talk...' exhibition: Silver Afghan Table

Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

A silver table topped with blue lapis lazuli, Afghanistan.


A history of summer games and sport in our collections

From celebratory sports-themed sculptures and paintings to sportswear through the ages, sporting equipment and photographs showing sports in play, our places and collections are a rich resource for delving into sporting cultures.


Symbols of freedom and of friendship

Chartwell, Kent

Find out more about the Ordre de la Libération and the Lalique cockerel, two items on display at Chartwell that symbolise friendship and unity between France and Britain.


If I could talk I would tell you stories

Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

A new child-led exhibition at Kedleston brings to life colonial objects from the Hall's Eastern Museum.


The Clive Museum at Powis

Powis Castle and Garden, Powys

Our Clive Museum features more than 300 items from India and the Far East in the largest private collection of its type in the UK.


The making of A Woman’s Place at Knole

Knole, Kent

Six contemporary artists shine a light on the hidden stories of some of Knole's fascinating women. Find out more about each artwork, their stories, and the inspiration behind A Woman's Place.


Scents and sensuality: stories of roses in our collections

The rose is the nation's favourite bloom. More than any other flower, roses are steeped in symbolism, history and meaning which can be found in abundance in our houses, gardens and collections. Uncover the rose's stories and meanings at our places and its uses in perfume, cuisine and medicine.


Caring for collections

Arlington Court and the National Trust Carriage Museum, Devon

From tiny shells to grand state coaches, see how we care for our collections


The Hall at Oxburgh

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

While the house is closed, read more the fascinating history of the Bedingfelds and what the contents of this home reveals about the collecting habits of a single family from Tudor times to the present day.


Trompe l’oeil and art trickery at our places

Delve into a world of deception and trickery and discover the optical illusions hidden in our places, from trompe l’oeil paintings and architectural illusions to trick photography and secret doors.


Spectacular skies: dawns and dusks in our collections

Many artists have tried to capture the fleeting moments of sunrise and sunset. We’ve selected some of the best examples in our paintings collection. Each portrays some aspect of the beauty, magnificence and tranquillity of dawn and dusk.


Pre-Raphaelite history at Red House

Red House, London

What was the Pre-Raphaelite Movement, and who were the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?


Making a home

Castle Ward, County Down

Castle Ward might be a museum now, but for a few hundred years it was a family home.


Introducing our remarkable collections

We care for one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections. With close to one million objects at over 200 historic places, a surprise discovery awaits you around every corner.