Continuing to search for stories

Make new friends whilst volunteering for the National Trust

Our existing volunteer researchers have already done an amazing job, and have re-written the accepted history of the Roundhouse. This has helped us to bring the building to life by uncovering the stories of the people (and horses) who lived and worked on the site; and this work will continue, deepening our knowledge of our hidden gem.

Now, we are about to take a step further by delving into the wider role of the Roundhouse in relation to the city of Birmingham. This will inform our forays into the city by foot, bike, and boat; when the Roundhouse opens to the public. 

Walking tour on the canals of Birmingham
Group of people crossing canal bridge in Birmingham
Walking tour on the canals of Birmingham

The Roundhouse was an important location for various functions of the city’s public improvement reforms in the late 19th century; and our researchers will be looking, in particular, at the city’s lamplighters; the unique murky world of the nightsoil men; and the working horses that powered the city. Alongside this, our Fantastical Birmingham researchers will unearth Birmingham’s lesser known stories, and strange happenings.

As part of this process our volunteers will be scouring archives and collections across the city, and of course the team will be especially keen to talk to people about their connections to the Roundhouse. We would also like to find more photography of the Roundhouse in use over the years. 

The Roundhouse bringing history alive
Roundhouse Birmingham Untours
The Roundhouse bringing history alive

We’re extremelygrateful for the continued work of our researchers, and are looking forward to future finds!

If you have a connection to the Roundhouse, or have any images of the building in use, from any era, please contact us at