Education group membership terms and conditions

A group of school girls working at one of our special places

Terms and conditions are listed below:

  • Education group membership is available to not-for-profit educational groups or home educators whose members, pupils, or students are in full-time education.  The National Trust reserves the right to make the final decision on whether a group falls within this definition.
  • All visits must be booked at least seven days in advance and group leaders should present a valid Education group membership card(s) when visiting to avoid normal admission fees being charged.
  • Home-educating families are entitled to use their Education group membership in normal school hours in the term time only.
  • Education group membership entitles the holder to free admission only and not to free use of the National Trust’s educational services - where special education activities are offered by a place, additional charges may apply.
  • For your legal protection, all education groups must provide evidence that they have public liability insurance with a minimum £5M indemnity limit when they take out Education group membership, and must ensure their insurance cover is valid when they visit. This doesn’t apply to home-educating families when parents are visiting solely with their own children.
  • Group leaders may make a free, preparatory visit to a property for planning purposes. These visits must be booked in advance and any accompanying adults or children are subject to normal admission rates.
  • Education group members must show the original membership card, photocopies of the card are not acceptable.

Group supervision

  • For primary aged children we require one accompanying adult for every eight pupils.
  • For secondary and tertiary we require one adult for every fifteen pupils or students. For all educational organisations a minimum of two supervising adults per group are required.
  • Groups with additional needs or undertaking specialised activities need to have higher numbers of accompanying adults, to be confirmed with the place at the time of booking.
  • For home-educating families Education group membership covers up to two accompanying adults for one family group. Any further adults will be required to pay normal admission rates.
  • The number and size of groups admitted to a site at any one time are at the discretion of the property manager.

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