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Group visits frequently asked questions

A group of people being shown around a garden. The tour guide is pointing left and people are looking that way.
Visitors on a garden tour at Hughenden at Buckinghamshire | © National Trust Images/John Millar

If you have queries about visiting with your group, then the following frequently asked questions may help.

Organising a group visit

Who do I contact with a group enquiry?

For general information about group visits to National Trust houses and gardens, please contact the central Travel Trade Office for help and advice:

Tel: 0344 800 1895
Fax: 01793 817401

If your query relates specifically to one of our properties, please contact the property direct.

How do I book a group visit to National Trust properties?

Bookings should be made directly with the individual properties concerned. For contact details of the property you wish to visit, please use our property search. All groups are required to book in advance and must confirm the booking in writing. Some properties have restricted access for groups, so early booking is recommended.

Admission for groups

How do I pay for a group visit?

Payment must be settled with individual properties. Please confirm the method of payment with the property when making the booking. Vouchers are accepted at most large properties.

Can I use vouchers to pay for group visits?

Vouchers are accepted at most large properties and should clearly state the name and address of the company responsible for payment and the number of visitors in the group. They are not valid unless countersigned by a member of the property staff.

Does the National Trust offer group rates?

A discount is available for groups of 15 people or more at most properties. It’s clearly stated where properties do not offer a discount, or where the discount only applies to groups of 20 people or more. Some of the smaller properties and those with conservation constraints are not able to give any group discount.

A group of children smiling and looking at something in a book
Visitors enjoying Easter activities at Sutton House and Breaker's Yard, London | © National Trust Images/Rob Stothard

Does the National Trust offer special rates to school or educational groups?

We offer membership to school groups and many of our properties offer special packages for educational groups. Please call 0344 800 1895 for more details on how your school can join.

Who's eligible for free entry?

  • Registered tourist board guides (on production of a valid badge) whether escorting a group or visiting independently
  • Coach drivers
  • Tour leaders escorting group of 15 people or more
  • National Trust members (except where an extra charge is being made for an event or an out-of-hours visit).

Groups with National Trust members

What if National Trust members have paid for a tour package which includes admission?

National Trust members receive free admission to properties as part of their membership. This can cause complications if you are selling a package which includes admission to Trust properties, as in effect our members are paying twice. Please make it clear to your customers that admission is part of the total package and that no refunds are available. If you’re paying on arrival, National Trust members should bring their current membership card, or they will be charged the full group rate.

How can members of my group join the National Trust?

Exclusive benefits to National Trust members include unlimited free admission to over 200 historic houses and gardens in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If a member of your group wishes to join you can join online or at the property when you visit. For further details of National Trust membership please call 0344 800 1895.

General visiting queries

Can groups visit out of hours?

Many properties offer out-of-hours tours for groups. There is sometimes an extra charge for this, so please contact the property directly for details.

Where can I get information about access for visitors with disabilities?

We warmly welcome visitors with disabilities to our properties. We also welcome assistance dogs for people who are visually impaired, people who are deaf or hard of hearing and disabled people. Most properties have a good degree of access, however, please confirm facilities directly with individual properties. A free booklet on access is available by calling 0344 800 1895.

If I want to produce a tour programme brochure, can I use National Trust images?

If you’re producing a brochure and would like to use National Trust images to help promote particular itineraries, please contact the Photo Library on 01793 817400 or by email:

Visitors exploring the Christmas market at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

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