Gift membership FAQs

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Got a question about gift membership? Whether you're unsure on delivery options or start dates, here are our most frequently asked questions. Give someone you love a year of adventures today.

Where is a gift membership sent?

You can choose to have the membership welcome pack and cards delivered either to you or to the recipient with a letter explaining that the membership is a gift from you.

Can I buy a gift membership today but have it start at a date in the future?

You can choose for your gift membership to start today, or any day within the next two months. The welcome pack will arrive in the next 21 days.

When will a gift membership arrive?

The welcome pack will arrive in 21 days, even if you choose to have the membership start at a future date. When you buy a membership online, if it’s due to start within the next 21 days, you will receive a temporary membership card by email, which you can pass on to the gift recipient for use until the welcome pack arrives.

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How do I buy a Gift Membership? 

If you are paying for a membership for someone else, you’ll need to buy it as a gift. Decide what type of membership you would like by choosing one of the four types, then opt to ‘buy as a gift’ and just follow the journey.