FAQs about your membership card

Visitors at Bodnant Garden, Conwy, Wales.

Your membership card is your key to over 500 special places. Here's our FAQs about the card, covering what to do if you've lost your card and where you can use it.

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Member cards not scanning 

You may have recently had problems scanning your member card when visiting our places. We’re sorry if this is the case. Please request a replacement via My National Trust, or call us on 0344 800 1895. Your car park sticker will continue to give you free parking at all our places.

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Lost your membership card?  

If you've lost your card, there's no need to panic. You can request a replacement card using My National Trust. Simply sign in or register for an account to get started.


When I join, when will I receive my card?

When you join online, you will receive a temporary membership card by email to use until your welcome pack arrives in 21 days. This pack contains your membership cards (one for each adult; children are admitted on adult cards) and a handbook containing a car parking sticker inside the front cover.

Where can I use my card?


Can I get in without my card?

Without your card, you may be asked to pay an admission fee. Annual and life members can return their admission tickets in exchange for some National Trust vouchers, less an admin fee.

Visitors in the summer at Snowshill Manor and Garden, Gloucestershire

Why do you scan membership cards? 

We scan membership cards on entry to many of our places to accurately count and analyse member visits, as well as track and prevent fraudulent use of National Trust membership cards.