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The places we care for are made of incredible stuff – what are you made of? Access to nature, beauty and green spaces is more important than ever. But the coronavirus pandemic has caused our income to drop sharply, which threatens our conservation work. By fundraising for us, you can help us to care for these sources of wellbeing for everyone.

In our 125th anniversary year, we’ve gathered lots of ideas for you to safely fundraise for your 125 challenge. Your support is needed now more than ever before to care for these special places, so everyone can enjoy them during the pandemic and beyond.

How will you take on the 125 challenge to raise £125 to help protect the irreplaceable in 2020? Will you make your miles count by walking or running for us? Maybe your friends and family are sponsoring you to read 125 books this year? Or are you and your family raising money by growing 25 new plants in your garden?

Whatever you love to do, there's plenty of ways you can fundraise at home for the places you care about.

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Why we need your support

For 125 years, people like you have played their part in protecting and caring for many of the UK's best-loved places. Thanks to your support, we now look after some of our nation’s most beautiful and precious landscapes, for everyone, for ever.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a sharp and sustained drop in our income. This threatens our conservation work at a time when access to nature, wildlife and green spaces is needed more than ever.

By becoming a 125 champion and fundraising for the National Trust, you'll be helping us to continue the essential work of 125 years, caring for places so that people and nature can thrive.

How your £125 could help

  • £125 could help care for 250 feet of coastline all year round
  • £550 could fund two days of expert textile conservation work
  • £1,250 could help replace 125 feet of footpath in the Lake District
Why not turn your daily exercise into a 125 challenge?
Visitor running through the woods
Why not turn your daily exercise into a 125 challenge?

How to get involved

1. Choose your 125 challenge activity

Your 125 challenge can be anything you like. You could go for a 12.5 mile run, walk or cycle. Or complete 125 press ups or squats at home.

Or, if you'd rather get creative in your garden, why not commit to planting 25 new vegetable varieties, or spotting 25 different wildlife species? Maybe you want to set yourself the challenge of reading 125 books this year, or perhaps your 125 challenge is something else entirely?

Ideas for sponsored 125 activities

  • Walk 12,500 steps a day for 25 days
  • Read 125 books over the year
  • Grow 25 plants in your garden

2. Set up an online fundraising page

Once you've decided on your 125 challenge activity, head to JustGiving to set up your fundraising page.

When you're ready, don't forget to share it with your friends and family and ask them to sponsor your challenge. Why not make it a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money and challenge them to become a 125 champions too?

3. Complete and share your challenge

Now, the only thing left to do is to complete your challenge and have lots of fun doing it.

While only those in your house can see what you've done, don't forget to share your completed challenge with your sponsors and us.

We’d love to see what you're doing so please share a photo or video of your challenge on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #125challenge.

You could make 125 skips for 125 days your 125 challenge
Child skipping in the courtyard at Sutton House and Breaker's Yard, London
You could make 125 skips for 125 days your 125 challenge

A big thank you

Whatever your challenge, remember every penny you raise will help look after the places we care for. There’s been a big impact on our work because of the recent pandemic, but nature will continue to thrive and will be there to welcome you back. From the towering trees in deep green woodlands, to the chalky coastline, to the reds, yellows, blues and pinks in a garden in bloom, thank you for protecting the places that are special to us all and good luck on your 125 challenge.

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