Georgian gardens: 1714-1830

The Pleasure Grounds at Osterley

Many of the gardens we look after have features inspired by the European Grand Tour, which was so popular in the Georgian period. Lakes, grottos, temples and shrubberies await you on your visit to our Georgian gardens.

The park and garden merged into one, this was successfully achieved by the innovation of the ha-ha, a stock-proof boundary invisible from the house.
Circuit walks around the landscape park were designed to evoke a variety of emotions with dark enclosed tunnels of evergreens opening into bright sunny glades. Walled kitchen gardens were sited out of view or screened by the latest craze, the shrubbery.
The concept of the landscape park was ultimately a British style which would influence gardens throughout Europe.

Style at a glance

  • Informal layout designed as a classical Arcadia
  • Lakes created to reflect the landscape as well as for recreation
  • Cascades add drama and animation to the scene
  • Temples, grottos and follies doubled up as tea rooms, and viewing towers
  • Clumps and shelterbelts to provide shelter and privacy to the park
  • Shrubberies planted with the newly introduced exotics from abroad
  • The Ha-ha, an invisible boundary to keep livestock away from the house
  • Circuit walks taking you on a tour around the park
The view from top of the grass amphitheatre at Claremont Landscape Garden, Surrey

Where to see gardens with Georgian features 

Discover what to look for to identify a Georgian garden, and find out the secrets behind the style.