Gift Aid

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We're a charity and if you pay Gift Aid and are a UK taxpayer, we can reclaim 25p for every £1 you give us. Gift Aid is a government scheme where charities can reclaim money on your contribution from the HM Revenue & Customs.

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About the Gift Aid scheme

  • We offer Gift Aid on membership subscriptions and/or donations, as well as Gift Aid on Entry for non-member property admission
  • This allows us to reclaim a quarter of your membership subscription, donation or Gift Aid on Entry admission
  • Anyone who's a UK income tax or capital gains tax payer can make a Gift Aid declaration
  • Gift Aid isn't a method of payment, so you still pay in the usual way

Gift Aid on memberships or donations

If you're a UK taxpayer, who's also a member, or has made donations, you could increase the value of every £1 you give to £1.25 by joining the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost to you.

One Gift Aid declaration covers your future donations and membership subscriptions and can be back dated up to four years.

To make your subscription or donation worth even more to us, all you need to do is download the declaration form below and return it to:

National Trust
PO Box 574
S63 3FH

Alternatively, you can also let us know by calling our Supporter Services Centre on 0344 800 1895 (local call rates apply) or signing into your My National Trust account and managing your membership online. 

Please note, we cannot reclaim tax on individual life membership, individual senior life membership, junior membership or gift membership subscriptions.

You can cancel your Gift Aid declaration at any time simply by contacting our Supporter Services Centre on 0344 800 1895 (local rates apply) or by logging in to your My National Trust account.

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Make a Gift Aid declaration 

It's easy to make a Gift Aid declaration and join the scheme.

Gift Aid on Entry

Most of the places in our care offer Gift Aid on Entry at their admission points. If you're not a member you have the choice of two entry tickets:

  • Gift Aid admission; or
  • Standard admission

It's entirely up to you which ticket you choose, just let us know when you come to pay.

Gift Aid admission includes a 10 per cent or more voluntary donation. Gift Aid admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole amount paid* — an extra 25 per cent — potentially a very significant boost to the places' funds.

Money raised from this scheme goes towards vital conservation and restoration projects at the place you're visiting. An extra £1 paid under the scheme can be worth over £3 to the National Trust as shown below.

   Amount paid by  visitor  Tax refund from  Government*  Total received by the  National Trust
 Gift Aid   admission  £11.00  £2.75  £13.75
 Standard  admission  £10.00  £0.00  £10.00

*Gift Aid donations must be supported by a valid Gift Aid declaration, and a Gift Aid declaration can only cover donations made by an individual for themselves and members of their family.

Anyone can pay the Gift Aid on Entry price, but we can only reclaim the tax on the admission if you're a UK taxpayer. You also need to pay enough income tax or capital gains tax in each tax year to cover the Gift Aid claimed on all your donations to charity.