Hampstead Centre

Visitors looking round the garden at Fenton House and Garden, London.

The Hampstead Centre was founded in 1969 and is sadly due to close in November 2017.

During the past 48 years the Hampstead Centre has given local National Trust members the opportunity to socialise with people with similar interests.  It has provided hundreds of informative talks and visits to interesting properties plus social events and, whilst doing so, has raised and donated over £103,000 for conservation projects.

The National Trust would like to thank the Hampstead Centre members for their generous donations and continuing support and also special thanks to their committee members without whose hard work the group would not have been able to function.  We know their donations are the result of a lot of hard work on the part of their Committee and the generosity of their members. Without the assistance of our Centres and Associations the Trust would not be able to undertake many of the projects our members’ groups choose to support. 

Hopefully their members will continue to support us by joining other local groups, the nearest of which would be ‘The London Centre’, ‘Barnet Association’ and ‘Edgware & District Centre’ whose contact details (along with a complete list of all London groups can be found on: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lists/supporter-groups-in-london   Alternatively please call the supporter groups’ Business Support Team on  01932 339496 or email supportergroupsLSE@nationaltrust.org.uk for further information.

Visitors in the laurel maze at Glendurgan Garden

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