Explore the colours of the season with a National Trust holiday.

Holiday cottages

Our holiday cottages are now open across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Campsites, bothies and bunkhouses

Most of our campsites are also now open and welcoming guests who have booked in advance.

We've also reopened many of our bunkhouses and bothies. Find out which bunkhouses are now open and accepting bookings here

Group bookings 

We’re pleased to share that we’re keeping our larger holiday cottages and bunkhouses open, with a limit on the number of people that can stay in line with government guidance.

During October and November, we’ll only accept bookings for up to six people, unless exceptions apply. And we’re lowering the cost of our larger holiday cottages and bunkhouses to reflect the new ‘rule of six’.

We’re now getting in touch with all guests who have a booking of more than six people during October and November to discuss their options of changing, postponing or cancelling their break.

Find full information on group bookings here.

Local lockdown 

Before your break, please check the latest government guidance for any restrictions that may affect your travel plans.

If you have an upcoming booking for a holiday cottage, campsite, bunkhouse or bothy that is affected by a local lockdown or intervention, please be reassured that we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your booking options. If you need to change or discuss your booking, please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity. For campsite bookings, please get in touch with your campsite directly. 

Read more on local lockdowns here.

Reopening information

We’re closely following all government recommendations and will continue to reopen gradually and safely, with the health and wellbeing of our guests, staff and volunteers as our top priority.

We’re now taking action behind the scenes to make sure all of our guests can enjoy the holiday they’ve been longing for – whether that’s an active break by the water or a cosy autumn retreat among the trees.

Find out how we're carefully reopening and operating our cottages and campsites with new procedures and cleaning regime to ensure the safety of our guests and staff:

Please note

We’re experiencing a high number of calls and emails at the moment, so please do bear with us if you have to wait a little longer than usual when contacting us.

Ready to make a payment? The quickest and easiest way to pay the balance on your holiday is by BACS payment. You’ll find all the details you’ll need here

Please quote your booking reference when making a BACs payment as this will help us allocate the money to your booking. Your payment may take a few days to show up in our account and as soon as this comes through, you’ll receive an updated booking confirmation by email.

If you’d prefer to make your payment over the phone and haven’t heard from us yet, please get in touch with us at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or 0344 800 2070.

If you have an enquiry about a specific campsite, please contact the site directly.


How has your booking policy changed?

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve changed our booking policy to give you peace of mind. 

If your holiday needs to be rescheduled due to government guidance, you’ll have the option to postpone your holiday for up to 24 months or have a full refund, with no administration fee.

If you move your booking to the same cottage and season, we’ll match the existing booking price. If your holiday price goes down, we’ll refund you the difference. And if your holiday price goes up, we’ll offer up to 10% off your original booking towards your new break.

If you’d like to discuss your holiday cottage booking, please get in touch with us at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or 0344 800 2070. 

For all campsite bookings, please contact the site directly.

You can find our terms and conditions here:

Will my booking details be shared with the Test and Trace programme?

In line with the latest government guidance, the National Trust is supporting Test and Trace by providing the name and contact details of the holiday booker if requested by the NHS Test and Trace programme in England, the HSC Test, Trace, Protect programme in Northern Ireland or the Test, Trace and Protect programme in Wales.

Where provision of this information is voluntary, please contact holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk on arrival at your holiday accommodation, if you do not wish your information to be disclosed. Please be assured that the National Trust will not disclose any health-related data that you have provided in relation to your visit.

What other changes have you made for reopening?

We've put a few changes in place at our holiday cottages, campsites, bunkhouses and bothies to make sure your stay with us is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. We want to give you peace of mind that we’re taking extra measures to deep clean our holiday cottages, campsites, bunkhouses and bothies before any reopening, in line with government advice and our organisational Hygiene Instruction and Safe Working Practice guidance.

We’ll operate an enhanced clean between holiday cottage, bunkhouse and bothy stays, and increase the frequency of cleans at campsites, taking extra precautions to sanitise frequently touched areas. We’ll support our guests, staff and volunteers in maintaining social distance, for example by limiting the number of guests at campsites and adding new toilet and shower facilities. We’ll operate a contactless handover at cottages, bunkhouses and bothies, and self-service arrivals at campsites where possible. And we’ll provide handwash and sanitiser for guests to use during their holiday.

Find out how we're carefully reopening and operating our cottages and campsites with new procedures and cleaning regime to ensure the safety of our guests and staff:

What happens if I'm on holiday and a local lockdown is announced?

If a local lockdown is announced, we'll follow government guidance at the time and close our holiday locations where needed. If you're staying in a holiday cottage, campsite or bunkhouse that's affected by a local lockdown, we'll be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.

Where needed, we'll give you the option of moving to an alternative holiday location of a similar size and standard that isn't in lockdown. Or we'll ask you to relocate back home and we'll refund you for any remaining nights.

I live in a local lockdown area or I'm travelling to a local lockdown area - what should I do? 

If you have an upcoming booking for a holiday cottage, campsite, bunkhouse or bothy that is affected by a local lockdown or intervention, please be reassured that we'll be in touch with you to discuss your booking options. 

We’re currently only reviewing bookings up to the end of November, in response to government guidance. For holidays in the local lockdown areas of Conwy, Wrexham and the Gower, we plan to review these in the week of 19 October, as we wait for further guidance from Welsh Government. We don't know how long local lockdown restrictions will be in place and so we'll review all bookings for December in mid-November, unless further guidance is released in the meantime. 

It's important to check the latest government guidance for your local area, as this may affect your travel plans and who you're allowed to travel with. If you can't travel due to government restrictions in your area or your holiday destination - for example, rules on households mixing - please do get in touch if you haven't already heard from us to rearrange your booking. You'll have the option to postpone your holiday for up to 24 months or have a full refund, with no administration fee. 

For cottage and bunkhouse bookings, please email us at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or call us on 0344 800 2070. For campsite bookings, please contact the site directly.

How will the new intervention and lockdown areas in England affect my holiday? 

Here's a summary of the rules on travel in England following the government announcement on new lockdown and intervention areas. You can also find the most up to date information on the government website. 

Very high risk  

Government guidance states that you should not travel out or into a 'very high risk' area and you should not mix with other households. We'll be in touch with you to discuss your booking if you live in a 'very high risk' area or if your holiday destination is in a 'very high risk' area. 

High risk  

You can go only go on holiday with people from your own household, unless exemptions apply. 

Please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity if you need to change your booking because this is for more than one household. If your holiday location is affected by local lockdown rules that restrict travel, we'll get in touch. 

Medium risk  

You can go on holiday in groups of six or less, unless exemptions apply. 

If your holiday location is affected by local lockdown rules that restrict travel, we'll get in touch. 

For cottage and bunkhouse bookings, please email us at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or call us on 0344 800 2070. For campsite bookings, please contact the site directly 


How will the new travel ban for Wales affect my National Trust holiday?

You can still enjoy your National Trust holiday in Wales if you’re not travelling from an area with high levels of coronavirus or to a location that’s currently in lockdown. 

If your holiday is affected by the Welsh Government’s new travel restrictions, please don’t worry – we’ll get in touch with you directly to discuss your booking. You’ll have the option of relocating your holiday where possible, postponing your booking, or cancelling your break with a full refund. 

We’re regularly reviewing the situation in line with government guidance, and we’re contacting all guests with bookings in October first.

How are you responding to the Northern Ireland lockdown?

We're working through the detail of what this means for us and our guests in Northern Ireland, and we'll be in touch with any affected guests at the earliest opportunity.


Can I stay overnight with more than one household? 

When gathering with other households, you should always continue to maintain social distance. If you find that your booking doesn't follow government guidance, please get in touch with us to either rearrange, postpone or cancel your booking. 

We recommend checking the latest government guidance on household interactions for your local area and your holiday destination, as this does change regularly. You can find out the latest information here: 

  • England, six people from more than one household can stay together (unless exemptions or local restrictions apply) 
  • Northern Ireland, households can no longer mix with other households in private homes, including holiday accommodation 
  • Wales, six people (excluding children under 11) from an extended household can stay together (unless local restrictions apply) 


Can my group booking go ahead? 

In support of government guidance and for the safety of our guests, staff and volunteers, we’re not accepting bookings of more than six people until Monday 30 November 2020, unless exceptions apply (for example children under the age of 11 in Wales). 

We’re now getting in touch with all affected guests to go through their options and we’ll review this on a regular basis. 

How will prices change for larger holiday cottage bookings under the new ‘rule of six’? 

During October and November, we’re offering the following discounts for cottages that normally sleep seven or more people: 

• Sleeps 7 to 9 people: 10% discount 
• Sleeps 10 to 12 people: 20% discount 
• Sleeps 14 to 18 people: 30% discount 

This reduction will be applied at the time of booking on our website and is based on property size when six or less people are staying. 

Please note, we may close-off bedrooms within the cottage to reflect the new ‘rule of six’. If you need a specific bedroom arrangement, or you’re able to travel in a group larger than six people due to an exception stated in government guidance (for example, children aged under 11 in Wales), please get in touch with us before your stay on 0344 800 2070. 

How will prices change for larger bunkhouse bookings under the new ‘rule of six’? 

During October and November, we’ll apply a 20% discount for our bunkhouses that normally sleep seven or more people. If you'd like to book a bunkhouse, please get in touch at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or on 0344 800 2070. 

Why are some campsites closing until next year and which ones are they?

We’ve made the difficult decision to postpone opening some National Trust campsites until the 2021 season, in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The health and wellbeing of our guests, staff and volunteers is our number one priority and we're only re-opening campsites where it's safe to do so, with social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning regimes in place.

The campsites that won't reopen are either of a small size or mainly facilitate organised group bookings, where social distancing will not be possible. We plan to reopen all campsites for the 2021 season and supporters can book now for their holiday next year.

We’re now getting in touch with all guests who are affected by this extended closure. We know this is disappointing news and we thank all of our supporters for their patience at this time.

The campsites that will postpone reopening are:

  • St Gabriel’s Campsite Golden Cap, Dorset
  • Wicken Fen Back to Basics Campsite, Ely
  • Brownsea Island, Dorset
  • Gumber Camping Barn and Campsite, West Sussex
  • Upper Booth Farm Campsite, Derbyshire
  • Waterclose Meadows, Cambridgeshire (tent bookings postponed for July/August only)
  • Dolaucothi caravan and motorhome park, Carmarthenshire, Wales
  • Hafod y Llan campsite, Snowdonia, Wales

Can I invite visitors to my campsite or holiday cottage?

We kindly ask that campsite guests do not have visitors while they are staying with us to help us in facilitating social distance on the site, and to ensure the safety of all guests, staff and volunteers.

If you'd like to have visitors to your holiday cottage during your stay, we ask that you follow government guidance on meeting with people that you do not live with.

Do I need to wear a face covering when I’m at a campsite?

For the safety of everyone on site, we ask that government guidance is followed on wearing a face covering when entering any indoor or enclosed places where social distancing may be difficult and where you may come into contact with people you don’t normally meet at campsites. This includes reception areas, shower and toilet blocks and shops. It’s not necessary for you to wear a face covering in holiday cottages or bunkhouses. 

Do children or those with exemptions have to wear a face covering at campsites?  

Government guidelines state that children under the age of 11 do not have to wear a face covering. Anyone who is unable to use a face covering due to a physical or mental disability or impairment is also exempt, as is assisting someone who is lip reading or relies on lip reading to communicate.

Can I book a bothy?

We’re pleased to share that we’ve now reopened many of our bothies.

We’ve also made a few changes to enhance the cleaning regime between stays at these locations for your safety, and because of this we’ll ask you to book for a minimum of 3 nights.

Bothies now accepting bookings are:

  • Llyndy Bothy, North Wales
  • Berry Lawn Linhay, North Devon
  • Foreland Bothy, North Devon
  • Heddon Orchard Bothy, North Devon
  • Peppercombe Bothy, North Devon

If you would like to book one of our bothies, please get in touch at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or on 0344 800 2070.

Why do I now have to book a minimum of 3 nights at bothies?

We’ve made some changes to the cleaning regime at our bothies for the safety of our guests. Due to the remote locations of our bothies, we’re only able to provide an enhanced clean every three days and we’ve updated the minimum stay to reflect this. We’re sorry for any disappointment caused.

Can I book a bunkhouse?

We’re delighted to share that the majority of our bunkhouses are now open. 

Due to the government guidance on social distancing, we'll currently only accept bookings that meet government guidance on household interactions. We’ll continue to reopen bunkhouses gradually and safely, but some will remain closed for the time being. 

The bunkhouses that are now open and accepting bookings are: 

  • Beach Head Bunkhouse, North Cornwall
  • Butter Hill Barn, North Devon
  • Castle Ward Bunkhouse, Northern Ireland
  • Octavia Hill Bunkhouse, Kent
  • Stone Barrow Bunkhouse, Golden Cap
  • Town Head Barn, Yorkshire
  • Cragside Bunkhouse, Northumberland
  • Bransdale Mill Bunkhouse, York
  • Dalehead Bunkhouse, Derbyshire
  • Dinefwr Bunkhouse, Wales
  • Ilam Bunkhouse, Derbyshire
  • Penrose Hill Bunkhouse, Cornwall
  • South Shore Lodge Bunkhouse, Brownsea Island
  • Exmoor Bunkhouse, Exmoor
  • Hendre Isaf, Conwy
  • Dudmaston, Shropshire
  • Dan y Gyrn, Powys (now taking bookings for 2021 only) 

If you would like to book one of our bunkhouses, please get in touch at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.ukor on 0344 800 2070. 

Why are some bothies and bunkhouses remaining closed?

We’ve reopened some of our bunkhouses and bothies and will continue to do so gradually and safely, in line with government guidance. In some locations, it’s not been possible to reopen at this time due to the additional measures required, for example enhanced cleaning at remote bothy locations.

How will you facilitate social distance in a bunkhouse?

The bunkhouses we’re reopening have separate sleeping areas to facilitate social distancing between two households, and we kindly ask that guests follow government guidance at all times.

Why is my working holiday not going ahead this year?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and government guidance on social distancing, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel all working holidays for 2020.

The safety of our staff and volunteers is our top priority and we don’t feel we can adequately facilitate social distancing between households during these holiday experiences, which are often attended by solo travellers and where shared group bunkhouse accommodation is provided.

We can’t predict how the government guidance on social distancing may change in future, so we’d like to give everyone involved as much notice as possible by making this decision now to cancel all working holidays for the rest of the year.

We’re now in the process of getting in touch with all of our working holiday participants to cancel their booking and provide them with a full refund.

What's changing for working holidays beyond 2020?

After an independent review last year and following a wide-ranging consultation in response to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve decided to change how our working holidays are run. The working holidays programme will no longer operate under National Trust Holidays. However, the vital conservation volunteering activities will continue through other schemes.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers who have given their time and passion for working holidays and conservation over the years. And as we now make these changes, we’re grateful for their continued support for the special landscapes and wildlife we all love. 

How can I volunteer now working holidays aren’t going ahead?

Volunteers remain central to what we do. If you’re a working holidays volunteer, we hope to work with you over the coming weeks to find new volunteering opportunities for you to continue supporting our conservation activities or explore other volunteering interests. There are a number of ways to get involved with us through our volunteer supporter groups. Find out about other ways to volunteer here

Can I still get free access to National Trust places on my holiday?

We're reopening the places that we look after, gradually, safely and in line with government advice. If you’re staying at a holiday cottage that’s within the pay barrier of a place cared for by the National Trust, you'll continue to have free access to the grounds during your stay with your booking reference. Over this time, please check our website for the latest opening information for houses and gardens.

If your holiday cottage is located outside of the pay barrier of an estate cared for by the National Trust, or you would like to visit other gardens and parks looked after by the National Trust during your stay, you will need to book a timed slot when these are released the previous Friday, by visiting our booking page.

When asked for your membership number, please put in ‘GUEST’ and your booking confirmation number. When visiting any of the places that we look after, please remember to have your booking confirmation and photographic ID with you in order to get free entry. Please note, you may still be required to pay for parking charges where applicable.

How can I pay the balance on my holiday?

Holiday cottages, bothies and bunkhouses balance payments:

You can pay for any outstanding balance on your holiday when this is due, via our bank transfer details:

Barclays Bank, Belgravia Branch

Account Name: National Trust Enterprises

Account: 20680109

Sort: 20-06-05


IBAN: GB03 BARC 2006 0520 6801 09

For guests that would like to do this over the phone, we will also continue to get in touch directly with you to arrange payment of the remaining balance of your holiday where this is due.

Campsite balance payment:

Camping guests should contact the campsite directly to pay their balance. Contact details of each campsite can be found here.

I have an enquiry - how can I get in touch?

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact us at holiday.enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk or on 0344 800 2070. For campsite enquiries, please contact the site directly.

We're open for enquiries:

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4.30pm
Sunday: Closed


For all other holiday bookings outside of the impacts of coronavirus, here are our most frequently asked questions about National Trust Holidays.

Before booking

How far in advance can I book?

For our cottages, you can book up to two years in advance. For our bothies and bunkhouses, it can vary as they are sometimes used for working holidays and the dates will be released once the working holiday programme for the following year has been finalised.

For camping and glamping, please check the information on the relevant campsite page of our website.

You can get more information about our hotels, by contacting the individual hotels.

What is the preferred changeover day?

This is the usual preferred changeover day for the accommodation. On the whole, we do offer some flexibility on the preferred changeover day within four weeks of departure during peak and high seasons. During mid and low seasons you can request alternative changeover days up to two years in advance.

None of our cottages or bunkhouses allows holidays to start on Sundays, but you can book a bothy.

What if I want to book several cottages in one location?

It's possible, but it’s likely these will have different changeover dates, so please get in touch with the contact centre who will be able to discuss this with you.

What are short breaks and when can I book them?

A short break is any booking lasting less than seven nights. Short breaks can generally be booked within four weeks of departure during peak and high seasons and up to two years in advance for mid and low season departures.  A few properties accept one and two night breaks, but most minimum stays are three nights. See ‘minimum stay’ on the relevant website page.

Short breaks of a minimum of four nights for the festive season can be booked from eight weeks in advance. 

How can I save money?

From time to time, we may offer promotional discounts which are only valid if shown at the time of booking. Promotional discounts cannot be added retrospectively. We reserve the right to change or withdraw a promotional offer at any time by amending or removing the offer from the relevant section of the website. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to book there and then if you see one.

The National Trust magazine sometimes carries a reader offer in the autumn and summer issues.

Is your accommodation suitable for people with disabilities or limited mobility?

For information on our properties which are 'good for accessibility' please use the accessibility filter of the holidays home page or refer to the ‘Good for Accessibility’ page in the brochure. The accessibility guide on the relevant accommodation pages of the website will help you further.

Deaf or hard of hearing visitors can have a fire alarm provided which triggers a vibration on capturing the sound of the main alarm. Please let us know in advance of any members of your party who are disabled or require this facility.

Please let us know if you are taking a guide dog with you.

Is your accommodation suitable for families and children?

Most of our accommodation is suitable for children. If there are any restrictions, we'll let you know when booking. Children over two count towards the maximum occupancy number. We have indicated the accommodation that is suitable for children under two as these will have a travel cot and high chair provided, however these will need to be requested at point of booking. Please note no bedding, linen or towels are provided for cots or rubber under-sheets for young children using the beds.

If we do not supply a travel cot or highchair it means that the accommodation has not been deemed suitable for little ones.

Is there access via public transport?

The best place to check this is Traveline.

Your booking

How much will my deposit be?

You will be asked to pay a third at the time of booking or the full amount if your booking is less than £100 or within two months of departure date. For camping, glamping and working holidays payment in full is required at the time of booking.

Do National Trust members get a discount?

As a charity we are governed by regulations which mean that we are unable to offer financial or monetary rewards to our members. We claim gift aid on our membership fees which means we gain 20% on every membership purchased. To be able to do this, HMRC put rules in place: one of them is charities are not allowed to offer benefits back to members above 25% of the membership value.

Offers appear in the National Trust magazine as they are reader offers – it’s not an exclusive membership magazine.

Is travel insurance provided?

No, we recommend that you take out travel insurance as soon as you have made your booking to cover any unexpected changes to your personal circumstances or if severe weather stops you from travelling. Please also familiarise yourselves with the cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.

Can I transfer my holiday to another date or accommodation?

We’re not able to change bookings less than 30 days prior to the start of your holiday and changes may be subject to an administration fee of £25. Any reduction in the number of nights will be treated as a partial cancellation and cancellation charges calculated in accordance with our terms and conditions may apply.

Can I add extras after I have booked?

You can add extras (where applicable) such as a cot, logs, food orders up to a week prior to travel. Please call our contact centre to arrange this. Late notification of any requested additional services may incur a charge.

Can I order additional linen?

If you’ve got different guests coming to stay during your time with us, you can ask for additional linen. Please let the contact centre know at least 7 days before your stay so it can be ordered. There will be an additional charge for this.

When will I get key and direction details?

You will receive key and directions details approximately three weeks prior to departure. If you have booked within three weeks of departure you will receive this information within 24 hours of receipt of full payment.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If your accommodation becomes inaccessible due to bad weather, we will try and relocate you. This may be in a different area. We regret we will be unable to offer any refunds and therefore it is strongly recommended that you take out travel insurance after confirming your booking.

Where the accommodation is inaccessible and no alternative accommodation is available, we will allow a transfer of the booking to another time of year at the same accommodation. Any additional costs incurred due to seasonal price differences will be payable. In the case of you cancelling the amended booking, you will be liable for 100% of the original booking, plus any cancellation charges relating to additional costs paid on the new booking.

Staying with the National Trust

What can we expect in the accommodation?

All of our accommodation is self-catering. It's kitted out with a standard inventory and this includes most things you'd need to cook a meal or bake. You'll need to take all food and condiments.

We provide enough tea, coffee, toilet roll, bin liners, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets to help you settle in for a day or so. We also provide some cleaning supplies, matches and firelighters for properties with fires. As far as possible, the cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

We won’t be supplying fresh milk or flowers to reduce our staff taking additional trips to the shops.

Bed linen, towels (one bath and one hand towel per person), tea towels, a bathmat (where applicable) and an oven cloth are provided unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation. There are a few cottages where this isn’t supplied, so please check the notes on the relevant accommodation page of the website. If you're travelling with young children, we would advise bringing your own rubber sheets. We don't supply linen or bedding for our travel cots. Please note that we supply oven cloths rather than oven gloves.

Where there is a garden, there will be an outside seating area which may be a bench or chairs and a table. We don't currently supply sun loungers, recliners or parasols. Following our temporary closure and the government lockdown on travel, some of the cottage gardens may not be perfect while our staff have been away. However, we're safely working on the gardens to get them ready for you.

Service cleans

For guests who are staying for 10 nights or more, we’ll no longer be providing a mid-stay service clean, however we will provide a spare supply of towels and linen to help ensure your stay is comfortable. We are no longer carrying out mid-stay cleans to limit personal interaction for the safety and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and guests.

For more information on how our cleaning regime has changed since reopening, please see the following pages:


Can I bring my pet?

Dogs are welcome in a lot of our accommodation at no extra charge. Please check the accommodation page of the website or brochure for the number of dogs allowed. Please don't bring dogs to non-dog friendly accommodation as you will be asked to leave. For all dogs, we respectfully request that dogs are kept on the ground floor at all times (or upper floor if the living space is inverted). Dogs should not be allowed on the furniture or left unattended in the accommodation. In the event of your dog fouling the gardens, we require you to clean up and dispose of this in the correct manner. We reserve the right to charge for any damage caused to the accommodation by your dog.

We regret that no other pets are allowed at our accommodation.

Can we take more guests to the accommodation than those stated?

The number of guests shown for each accommodation is the maximum number of guests. If we offer a travel cot and highchair, we allow one additional guest under the age of two. Whilst most accommodation has sufficient crockery for two day guests, we cannot allow others to stay over due to managing fire risk and ensuring we have adequate insurance to protect our guests in the event of any incident. We will ask you to leave the premises where over occupancy occurs.

Can we take camper vans/tents/blow up beds, etc for additional guests?

The number of guests shown for each accommodation is the maximum number of guests. If we offer a travel cot and highchair, we allow one additional guest under the age of two. Whilst most accommodation has sufficient crockery for two day guests, we cannot allow others to stay over due to managing fire risk and ensuring we have adequate insurance to protect our guests in the event of any incident. We will ask you to leave the premises where over occupancy occurs. This includes additional guests staying within the boundaries of the property.

Will I have a mobile phone signal?

Please note there may be little or no mobile signal in the area you are travelling to. Advice can be sought from your mobile phone provider, or by visiting Signalchecker.

Is there a payphone nearby?

If there is a telephone in the accommodation or in a shared area this will be mentioned on the website. There is a payphone directory which provides details of the nearest payphone.

Why do only some of your holiday cottages have telephones or WiFi provided?

We recognise our guests may like a telephone or WiFi provided at our holiday cottages and where it is feasible to do this, we will provide them. Over 50% of our properties either have a telephone, WiFi or both installed.

Much of our accommodation has free WiFi available. Those that do will have it mentioned in the brochure and on the website. The WiFi is supported by BT. Please note intermittent connection problems can sometimes occur due to the remoteness of our accommodation and therefore should not be relied upon.

Many of our cottages are based in rural locations which means that it’s not always feasible to install WiFi and telephones. We continue to review new technology which may increase the portfolio of accommodation with WiFi.

Where we do provide telephones, it may be on a shared basis, for example in a shared laundry or shared hallway. The telephone facilities are described on the relevant website pages.

What do I do if I have an issue with the WiFi while on holiday?

In the event you have an issue, a lot of the answers should be available in the Welcome Folder, self-help guide or Accommodation User Guide located in the accommodation. If you have any other concerns, please call us on the number provided in your key and directions information as we want every opportunity to put it right.

What is access to the accommodation like?

Most of our accommodation has car parking close by, but at some you may need to carry your luggage from a car park or even across a field. In some cases, there may be steep or irregular steps and footpaths to the front door, which are an essential part of the character of the building. Others are in secluded locations and can only be reached by driving down a rough track. If you have any concerns, please have a look at the accessibility guide on the website or check with the contact centre.

What time can I arrive?

Check-in time for all accommodation has changed to 4pm so that our staff have some additional time to carry out the extended cleaning protocols ready for your contact-free arrival.

What time do I have to leave?

We kindly ask that you leave promptly at 10am on your departure day to ensure we’re able to get the accommodation safely ready for the next guests.

Can we use a barbecue?

If your choice of accommodation offers a barbecue, this will be shown on the relevant page of the website. Please only use a barbecue if it is provided. In some places, the age and structure of our cottages simply makes barbeques too much of a fire hazard.

Can I bring my bike or other sports equipment?

If you bring your bikes and/or sports equipment (e.g. kayak), please store them outside. We know people can be very protective of their bikes, but our buildings have to take priority. Some of our properties benefit from designated outside storage areas, please ask the Holidays Team for more information.

What’s it like to stay in a heritage building?

Staying in a characterful and historic building is a wonderful experience; however, there are a few things to consider. Plumbing and heating systems are often sensitive and are less efficient than in a modern home. More information will be provided in the welcome folder at the cottage or please contact us if you need help during your stay.

Please don't move furniture during your stay as it can cause damage to the furniture itself and the property.

Bats and other wildlife may be present. Any disturbance caused by wildlife should be reported to us immediately and we will take reasonable steps to assist. Please remember that bats and some other species are protected and it illegal to interfere with them or their habitat.

Can I smoke?

All National Trust Holiday Cottages are non-smoking areas. This includes the use of vapours and e-cigarettes.

Can I charge my electric vehicle?

In some areas, we provide electric vehicle charging points and we’ve partnered with BMWi to have electric car charging points servicing 100 of our places to stay by the end of 2020. Please don’t extend wires from our accommodation as this creates a trip hazard and can also cause supply problems. Zap-map will be able to help you find the nearest charging points.

What happens if I break something during my stay?

We appreciate that sometimes accidents can happen. If you have a breakage, please complete the form in the Welcome Folder for a member of our team. We reserve the right to charge for breakages and damage to the accommodation.

Can I get supermarket groceries delivered?

Yes, however, you’ll have to check with the supermarket that they deliver to the accommodation’s postcode and you’ll have to be there to receive your delivery. It’s therefore a good idea to leave it until the first morning of your holiday in case you get delayed arriving.

Other useful information

Can we book our wedding and accommodation with the National Trust?

We have several National Trust properties which can host weddings. Please go to www.nationaltrust.org.uk/venue-hire/weddings/. Our cottages cannot be used to host wedding ceremonies or similar events, although they are often used to accommodate guests who are getting married on a property. Many of our properties have cottages on site or nearby and we have groups of cottages, so guests can stay in separate locations but within walking distance of each other.