How we're tackling climate change

Climate change is the single biggest threat to the precious landscapes and historic houses we care for.

We’re adapting to unpredictable weather patterns, working hard to restore the damage caused by wild fires, heavy rain, increased humidity, high winds, droughts, and shifting shores.

We’re tackling the causes of climate change by reducing our own emissions, caring for the land that captures and stores carbon, restoring wildlife habitats, and putting pressure on the government to adopt policies that will help us all look after the places we love.

But the scale of the threat is breathtaking, and we can't do all of this without your help.

Climate change is already affecting every aspect of our lives from the food we eat to the water we drink. It's eroding our heritage, destroying the beauty of the natural world and threatening plants and animals. Unpredictable temperatures and volatile weather conditions are blistering some of the finest paintings in National Trust collections, bursting the banks of our rivers, increasing pests and diseases and eroding the coastline. 

The challenge may be large but so is the opportunity.

We can lock up carbon in the wetlands we care for and create more space for wildlife to thrive. To do this we'll plant millions of trees while continuing to champion renewable energy and slash carbon emissions. From our gardens to our coastal cliffs we’ll be changing how we do things, sharing inspiring stories along the way. 

With your support, we can continue to restore and protect the countryside from the biggest challenge it has ever faced. 

Our environmental pledges

  • By 2025 we'll have created 25,000 hectares of new wildlife habitats
  • In ten years we will establish 18,000 hectares of new woodland made up of more than 20 million trees
  • We will become carbon net zero by 2030 
  • By 2021 50 per cent of our energy needs will be met by renewable sources
  • We will create green corridors for people and nature near towns and cities
  • We're embarking on a year-long campaign to connect people with nature to celebrate our 125th anniversary year. There will be dancing outdoors, rooftops at dawn and activities to mark Britain’s blossom season
Getting behind green energy
" “People need nature now more than ever. If they connect with it then they look after it.”"
Restoring and protecting
" We have a duty to look after places for everyone, for ever, and climate change is the biggest threat to them"
- Keith Jones, climate change adviser
Helping wildlife
Looking after our heritage

Campaigning for change

Help us tackle climate change

Whether you become a National Trust member, enjoy a coffee in our cafés, donate to one of our appeals, or volunteer, you'll be helping us care for precious landscapes and the wildlife that depend on them.  You can also get involved with your local conservation groups.


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