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Enjoy a delicious cream tea at Hinton Ampner's cafe, Hampshire

For life’s biggest milestones, give a gift that lasts forever. Donate in celebration to the places that make life special.

When you’re celebrating an important event, the most meaningful gifts are often the things you can't unwrap. It’s the memorable moments that make us – so, why not give a gift in kind? Mark your special occasion with a celebratory donation to the National Trust.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding, celebratory donations can be the perfect gift for the loved one who treasures the landscapes around them.

Mark a special occasion Donate in celebration

Dedicate a donation

With our new interactive donation map you can make a gift donation to a National Trust place that means something special to you or your loved ones.

Perhaps you want to celebrate your anniversary by donating to the place you shared a special date with your partner? Maybe you want to show your sister how happy you are to become an auntie by donating to the beach you played on as children? Or perhaps you're just looking for a wedding gift for the friends who have everything?

When you make a donation to your favourite National Trust place on our interactive map, you'll also get to choose an image from our gallery and leave a bespoke message. There’s also the option to share your donation with others or keep it private. However you choose to donate, we want to say thank you for being the difference for the special places that make us.

The Kymin provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding

Give a unique gift using our donation map 

Find your favourite National Trust place on our new interactive donation map and dedicate a donation in celebration of an anniversary, birthday or another milestone moment. Your gift will help to look after the place you've chosen, so more treasured memories can be made.

Donate in celebration

Celebratory donations don’t just help to protect the places you and your loved ones enjoy. They’re a way of celebrating the great moments you’ve shared, and the many happy times you’ve got to look forward to.

You can donate in celebration to specific places and conservation projects, or contribute more generally to our ongoing care for special places. If you’d like to donate in celebration to a specific National Trust place, please get in touch with our regional teams who will be happy to help.  

Invite family and friends to celebrate your magical milestone with you by making a gift donation in your name. You can make it easy for people to donate by setting up a JustGiving page. Add your own photos and message for a personal touch and share it with your nearest and dearest in advance of the big day.

 A tea party in the Orangery cafe at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire

Create your JustGiving in celebration page 

A JustGiving fundraising page is an easy and simple way for family and friends to contribute a charitable gift for your special occasion. Your donations make a lasting difference for places in our care where milestone moments are made.

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