Indoor places to hunt for fossils

Jacob sheep grazing in the grounds at Arlington Court, Devon

You don't have to brave sea breezes and cliffs to search for fossils. Some are built into the fabric of our properties, and many houses hold collections amassed by previous owners.

Arlington Court, in Devon, is home to two impressive ammonites, while Florence Court, in County Fermanagh, offers activities based around the Earl’s fossil collection in the Rock Hound room.
You can see fossils by appointment at Biddulph Grange Garden, Staffordshire. Please call a few weeks in advance of your visit if you’d like to do this.
Within the cabinet of curiosities at A La Ronde, in Devon, you will find fossils along with an eclectic mix of shells and other items. And there is a fossilised elk head at Powis Castle, Powys. Look carefully at the exit stairs too.