Information for executors and solicitors

Puffins at the Farne Islands, Northumbria

If you’re carrying out the wishes in someone’s will and they’ve kindly included a gift to the National Trust, then please contact our friendly and experienced Legacy Administration team as soon as it's convenient for you. They will be happy to help in any way they can and are on hand to answer any questions.

Legacy Administration team
National Trust
Kemble Drive

Please note that some wills may use an old address or one of our regional addresses. Gifts left in these wills are still valid, but please contact the Legacy Administration team using the address above.  Please include the full name of the person whose wishes you’re carrying out as well as their last address if known.

If the person has expressed a wish for their gift to be used at a specific National Trust property or in a particular way, please still contact our central Legacy Administration team using the details above. This enables the National Trust teams at properties to continue working to maintain some of the UK’s most beloved places for everyone to enjoy. The Legacy Administration team will, of course, make sure that all gifts are only ever used for the property or purpose specified in the will.

Alternatively, you can telephone the team on 01793 817699 or send them an email.

As the National Trust is a registered charity (registered charity number: 205846), the gifts that people kindly leave us in their wills are exempt from inheritance tax, and may also be exempt from capital gains tax. Our Legacy Administration team will be happy to assist and advise you so that you can manage the estate in the most tax-efficient way possible.