Land use and planning

One of our founding beliefs is that places matter to people. That's why we take part in the land-use planning system to help protect our land and to help ensure that all land is used for the greatest long term benefit.

Land-use planning is a key tool to help us look after the nation's special places. It can also help society to create great places for people to live, work and play, and deliver a healthier, more beautiful natural environment – two key parts of our new strategy. That’s why we regularly take part in the planning system and support a plan-led system to deliver good development which meets long term needs.

An effective planning system guides good, necessary development to the right places, making an important contribution to prosperity and growth. It ensures that poorly designed developments and those in the wrong place don’t get built. It delivers the new homes, shops and services that communities want, where they want them. And it protects the things that matter to us all; from much-loved open spaces and green fields to our historic city centres, towns and villages.

A planning system should:

  • Be balanced - to integrate environmental, social and economic concerns
  • Safeguard the public's interest - protect countryside, heritage and nature
  • Start from what people value about their place