Landfill Communities Fund

The cast iron bridge over the River Wandle in Morden Hall Park, London

The support we receive for projects from the Landfill Communities Fund is invaluable to the Trust. During the past 15 years funders such as Biffa Award, SITA Trust and Viridor Credits have supported projects including Coleridge Cottage, Morden Hall Park and Hatfield Forest. But we can only access this funding with the help of our donors and supporters.

How the scheme works
Landfill site operators pay tax when they bury waste and some of this tax is made available to us through the Landfill Communities Fund. However we must commit to finding in the region of 10% of the project costs from third party donors to access these grants. By providing funding towards the Contributory Third Party payment necessary under the scheme, your support can unlock 10 times the amount of your donation. If you give a donation your money may be passed to a landfill operator as a Contributory Third Party Payment, which means that for every £10 you give the National Trust could receive £100.
I'd like to know more
For more information about the Landfill Communities Fund, please contact Ulrika Swinburne.