Lighthouses in our care

The Souter Lighthouse, South Tyneside

It's not surprising that we look after several lighthouses, when you consider how much of the coastline is under our care.

Souter Lighthouse in Sunderland once housed one of the most powerful lights in the world while South Foreland Lighthouse, near Dover was used by Marconi in his experiments with radio transmissions. You can explore the Georgian lighthouse on the island of Lundy, or the medieval tower on the Isle of Wight - which was also used to signal to passing ships.

Early memorial stones beneath the Old Lighthouse touched by the rays of the dawn sun


Visit this wildlife-rich island, which is perfect for taking in the views of the Bristol Channel or enjoy a spot of wildlife watching.

The red and white striped tower of Souter Lighthouse against a blue sky

Souter Lighthouse 

Sitting along the closing stretch of the 13.1-mile race, Souter Lighthouse and The Leas is the ideal base for a day of coastal exploration.

Family flying kites in front of South Foreland Lighthouse in Kent

South Foreland Lighthouse

This Victorian lighthouse was built to warn mariners of shifting sands and guide them through the Straits of Dover.

St Catherine's oratory with the Back of the Wight stretching out into the distance

St Catherines Oratory 

St Catherine’s Oratory is often referred to as the finest surviving example of a medieval lighthouse in Britain. Known locally as Pepperpot, in reality, it's more likely to have been a bell tower with a beacon alongside.

Rosebay willowherb on the Whitehaven coast, Cumbria

Help keep the coast alive 

Our coastline is precious but without your help we could lose it forever. If you love the coast, help us protect it from extreme weather and climate change.