Make a difference

Walkers and their dogs at Blea Tarn in Eskdale and Duddon Valley, Cumbria.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the National Trust.

Millions of people love spending time outdoors, for recreation and refreshment. It’s a chance to appreciate the beauty, colour and song of the natural world.
Beyond that, nature supports us in countless ways, from flood protection to storing harmful carbon. We can’t take it for granted. If we are to leave a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren, we need to act now. 
Here’s how you can play your part.
Playing in the sea at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex


Members make such a huge contribution to our cause, not just by enjoying naturally beautiful and historic places but by helping to look after them. By becoming a member you are directly supporting our goal to help nurture the land and landscapes we look after. Without your support we would not be able to help create and maintain healthy outdoor environments.

‘The chance to support the National Trust by becoming members made absolute sense, as a family we love the outdoors and the Trust cares for so much of what we enjoy here in Cornwall. From walking on the beach at Crantock, surfing at Godrevy or enjoying the waterfall at Lydford Gorge – we get to have fun and know we are helping protect amazing places.'

- The Fitzpatrick’s, new members from Cornwall

Walker above Watendlath Tarn in the Lake District


Most of the money we raise to look after nature comes from individual donations from people like you. There are many different ways you can support us in addition to one-off or monthly donations, including leaving a gift in your Will, payroll giving, making a gift in memory or in celebration of a special person, or even purchasing one of our virtual gifts for friends or family. Get in touch to request a Giving Pack. Simply email or phone 01793 817699

‘I want my (legacy) gift to be used for the countryside because I can’t stand the thought of anyone being able to build on it and spoil it. I trust the National Trust implicitly to use the gift in my Will where it is needed most. 
I also love being able to see how my support is being used now. I gave some money in memory of my father to buy a tool shed so that staff and volunteers didn’t have to keep driving back and forth to get the equipment they need.’ 
- Margaret Whitehead, donor and legacy pledger
Volunteers mending a footpath on the Beacons Way path


Our conservation work is powered by more than 60,000 people every year. They give 5 million hours of their time to look after the special places you love – from wildlife monitoring and the removal of invasive plant species, to co-ordinating activities that engage families with the great outdoors. However you choose to help, you will play a vital role in looking after special places, nature and wildlife. Come and be part of something special.

‘I've discovered new skills, met interesting people, learnt more about the environment and our place within it, and I get to enjoy our most beautiful places and share them with our visitors on a daily basis.
This job puts a smile on my face every day and in 300 years’ time, I’d like to think of somebody looking up at the canopy of that first Oak tree I planted, perhaps interested in the thousands of invertebrates and fungi that have established themselves or watching a Pied Flycatcher, Green Woodpecker or Red Squirrel that has made the tree its home.’ 
- Fraser, Ranger, Pembrokeshire