Philip Webb centenary

Philip Webb, architect, designer and close friend of William Morris, is widely considered to be the father of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

We're marking the centenary of Webb’s death in 2015 by special exhibitions at Red House in Bexleyheath, London, and Standen in West Sussex - the first and last houses he designed.
Webb’s pistol, which he carried on public transport, will be part of the new displays at Red House. Other personal items include his drawing equipment, watercolour paints and an intricate snuffbox.
Original sketches, furniture and furnishings in Standen’s Architect of Design exhibition will reveal stories behind the family home near East Grinstead, which Webb created for the Beale family.

Morris's 'best man'

William Morris described Webb, his close friend and collaborator, as the best man he ever knew. Webb was 25 and Morris 22 when they met. Webb was destined to become one of the leading architects of his generation, designing Red House for Morris himself.
Morris had a prolific career as a designer, poet, publisher and founder of the hugely influential firm Morris & Co before him. Together he and Webb shared a passion for the English countryside, its traditional buildings and the medieval era. Their rare friendship and close working collaboration endured for the rest of their lives.

Celebrating Webb's life

Yet whilst Morris is still a household name, Webb is little known outside architecture and design circles. The centenary of the death of Webb, who died on 17 April 1915, celebrates his life and work at two of his most important architectural works: Red House and Standen.
The Arts and Crafts Movement was a reaction to the excesses of Victorian industrialisation. It grew from a desire to revive the skill of traditional craftsmanship and to restore simplicity and honesty to how buildings and furnishings were made.
Philip Webb was co-founder of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). SPAB is marking the centenary with a series of events that shine a spotlight on the life and work of Webb.