Planning at a local level

Artist Oliver Goodhall and the property team look at plans for the old breakers' yard at Sutton House, Hackney

At the local level we monitor planning proposals that are likely to affect the special places in our care.

We deal with proposals ranging from anything from a house extension, through large residential or commercial developments, to new road or airport infrastructure. These will often be proposals adjacent to our land, but developments some distance away can also have implications on special places, for example in the form of traffic generation, or loss of habitat.
The vast majority of applications will not be an issue for us. For others we may object, or suggest some conditions, to those which compromise our purposes and sustainable development principles, or – very rarely – if we feel an unfortunate precedent might be set.
Through informed involvement we have been able to negotiate real environmental improvements in schemes like complex infrastructure proposals, for instance on road or rail alignments.
Where it is helpful to our interests we will also seek to influence local transport plans, shoreline management plans, and river basin management plans.