Show the love for nature

Woden heart in a field of sheep

In the run up to Valentine's Day, we support the Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign to highlight the impact of climate change on places we all care about.

Show the Love encourages people to share stories and show support for places affected by climate change.  

Every Valentine's Day, since 2015, hundreds of thousands of people from all across the UK take part in a conversation about climate change. 

The campaign centres around the making, wearing and sharing of green hearts. People are encouraged to write to their MP about environmental issues, get their schools involved with Show the Love, and share activities on social media using #ShowTheLove

Look out for the Climate Coalition's Show the Love campaign around Valentine’s Day and wear a green heart with pride in support of the special places you love but might lose out to climate change.

Visit the Climate Coalition's website for more information about the campaign and events you can get involved with.

How does climate change mean for the places we look after? 

Climate change is the single biggest threat to the precious landscapes and historic houses we care for. We’re adapting to unpredictable weather patterns, working hard to restore the damage caused by wild fires, heavy rain, increased humidity, high winds, droughts, and shifting shores.


What we're doing about climate change
Help us tackle climate change

Whether you become a National Trust member, enjoy a coffee in our cafés, donate to one of our appeals, or volunteer, you'll be helping us care for precious landscapes and the wildlife that depend on them.  You can also get involved with your local conservation groups.


We're a charity and rely on your donations to help our conservation work