The people behind our places

Conservation of an 18th century chandelier

It’s the dedication of our 10,000 employees that makes it possible for us to fulfil our core purpose.

A unique organisation needs unique people

As the biggest conservation charity in the UK, we look after more land in England, Wales and Northern Ireland than any other private landowner. We are continually working to protect the special places and spaces within our portfolio, and we couldn’t achieve our ambitious plans without our dedicated staff. 

Our roles are as diverse as the people we employ and we are lucky to have staff who truly believe in what our organisation stands for. From bat specialists, fundraisers and conservationists, to lawyers, marketing managers and chefs – they all work together to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beautiful places that our country has to offer, for generations to come.

Our red squirrel ranger
Our red squirrel ranger

Whether it’s our teams in administration, surveying, catering, gardening, pensions or IT, all the different departments across the Trust work together to ensure that conservation is at the heart of everything we do. We’re always looking at ways to make our efforts more efficient and innovative, and because we want our staff to work for an organisation that helps them achieve their career aspirations we’re constantly investing in the training and development of our people. 

Writing the Ebworth blog
Laura writing the Ebworth Blog

The National Trust is such a varied organisation – and so are the people who work here. Our people come from countless different backgrounds, but one thing that unites every single one of them is the desire to move into a profession where they can truly make a difference – whether they have engaged with the Trust previously or not. It’s their enthusiasm and passion for people, the outdoors, families, children, nature and community that helps us achieve our aims.

Our staff’s contribution to our future is invaluable, and because they care, we are able to work in a way that is overflowing with ideas and drive - ensuring we continue to preserve and protect historic places and spaces, for ever, for everyone.