What to expect from your visit to Ashdown

Green tree-lined avenue with Ashdown at the end

We're looking forward to welcoming you to Ashdown house on Wednesday afternoons for our stair and roof tours.

The woodlands at Ashdown are open year round for walking, no booking is necessary and you don't have to be a National Trust member. 

Book for stair and roof tours in the house

The house is open for stair and roof tours at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Pre-booking is necessary for members and non-members. Non-members need to pay when booking. 


Please park in the woodland car park. The gate to the drive will be opened on Wednesday afternoons and it's around a five minute walk to the house.

What to expect on the tour

You'll be greeted in the South Lodge by your tour guide and taken into the house. You'll gradually climb the magnificent 17th century oak and elm staircase. On the way you can admire family portraits and the hunting trophies of Elizabeth of Bohemia. Every picture has a story, and your tour guide will tell you all about them. 

View from the cupola

Stay within the cupola or venture out on to the roof to admire the far-reaching views over three counties. The view has been undisturbed by development in the nearly 350 years since the house was built.


There is a small formal parterre which can be enjoyed when the house is open, but the garden is not extensive. 


Guide dogs only on the roof tour. Dogs welcome in the woodland, but please keep them under control, particularly in spring and summer when there may be ground-nesting birds. 


As the tour involves climbing stairs, it is not suitable for those with impaired mobility. Young children may feel restless on the tour.

Combine the visit with...

A visit to Ashdown is not complete without exploring the woods - some of the woodland is older than the house. 

White Horse Hill is nearby for more fantastic views and a huge Bronze-age chalk horse branded on the downland.