What's in season: February

Carrots on sale in the Farm Shop at Polesden Lacey, Surrey

February is always a chilly month, but fear not, spring is just around the corner - and with it all the delights of gardening and growing your own.

While we wait for that welcome sunshine, we can warm ourselves with bowls of delicious seasonal soups and hearty meals. Luckily there should be plenty of seasonal offerings to make some really interesting and tasty dishes.

Carrots are the flavour of the month

Carrots have long been a British favourite - adding a splash of vibrant orange to the dinner plate. Did you know that they were originally purple, but changed to orange in the 16th century by the Dutch?
Here are a few interesting carrot facts:
  • The longest carrot ever recorded was 5.14 metres long. That's pretty big!
  • Carrots are actually more nutritious cooked than raw
  • They were the first type of vegetable to be canned

Also in season

Carrots are not the only things to be found growing in February. Brussels sprouts, spring green cabbage, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, kale and leeks are also still around this month.

Jobs for the garden

Like January, this month it's really all about getting ready for the spring. Make sure that those vegetable patches are turned over and ready for planting when the time comes.