Wolfson Foundation boosts the appeal

Conservator working in Lab at Textile Conservation Studio

The Wolfson Foundation has awarded a grant of £75,000 to Nunnington Hall’s ‘hanging by a thread appeal’ to safeguard three tapestries which are in urgent need of conservation.

The amount will be added to £74,500 which has been secured from gifts left in wills, as well as donations from visitors to the house and other supporters. The money received from Wolfson brings the total that has been secured up to £149,500 which means conservation work can begin on the first two tapestries.

" It’s a real boost at this stage of the appeal to have received such a generous donation from the Wolfson Foundation and we would like to thank them for their support. The initial money we had received from other supporters meant that work has now begun on the first tapestry. The tapestry has now been through a washing process and is about to undergo full remedial conservation treatment to ensure it is protected from further damage. The grant from the Wolfson Foundation means that we are now able to begin work on the second tapestry so that it can continue to be used to tell the story of the house’s most notable owner, the 1st Viscount of Preston. The team at the property are now looking to raise the final £58,500 so that all three will be safeguarded and can remain on display for future generations to enjoy."
- Iain Kelly, House and Collections Manager