Women and Power - For Me, For Her, For You

Artists LOW PROFILE piece of work for Women and Power

For me, for her, for you is a seven track audio work by artists LOW PROFILE - weaving together interviews, songs and recorded messages with new sound work by collaborator Neil Rose (who also co-edited, mixed and mastered the piece).

The artwork has been commissioned in response to the National Trust's Women and Power programme in the South West, a year-long programme during 2018 marking the 100 year anniversary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act (votes for women) and the long struggle for women’s suffrage.

This project has been made with thanks to members of the public, National Trust volunteers and women based within the South West who LOW PROFILE researched through the process of making the work. The artists also commissioned three new protest songs by the singer-songwriters Holly Kirkby, Cordelia O'Driscoll and Suck My Culture.

The tracks are best when listened to in order. You can find out more about each track, and the work, by taking a look at the PDF below. Happy listening. 

For Me, For You, For Her: contextual information and full track descriptions (PDF / 0.2763671875MB) download

You can listen to the tracks below or click here to download them for free
For Me, For Her, For You

Introduction: For me, For her, For you

A short introduction by artists LOW PROFILE.


Track 01: Something in the water

Featuring interviews with Hannah Sloggett & Wendy Hart, Jo Gorniak, Jess Syned, and Cordelia O’Driscoll and her song ‘Something In The Water’.


Track 02: By Extraordinary And Spectacular Means

Featuring interviews with Jeanette, a National Trust volunteer at Avebury and stories about Edith Pratt of Prattshayes, Lady Mary Northcliffe, Catherine Mary Bomford of Malvern and anonymous women from Wiltshire who worked at at Bletchley Park during World War II.


Track 03: I Have This Feeling

One of a series of messages from the artist Ria Hartley who’s recorded lists of names identifies contemporary women of colour with powerful and extraordinary stories.


Track 04: This Can Be Done

Featuring an interview with Peaches Golding (OBE) and stories about Saranjit Kaur, Plymouth City Roller Derby, Jane Austen, Shirley Williams and Shirley Chisholm.


Track 05: Something As Simple As This

Featuring interviews with Sovay Berriman, Lorna Dallas and Holly Kirkby and her song 'Something As Simple As This'.


Track 06: Stories That We Don’t Hear

Featuring interviews with Jeanette, a National Trust volunteer at Avebury and stories about Renee Douglas, Hannah Pollard, Christina Marie Bartlett and Margaret Turner.


Track 07: The Fight Goes On

Featuring a compilation of voices from interviewees answering a question about what they would like to see change in their community and the world at large and an interview with two members of Suck My Culture (Lizz and Amy) and their song ‘The Fight Goes On.’