Things to see and do


Welcome to Footprint

Footprint is a truly inspirational place, where we invite people to step away from their busy lives, spend time outdoors and learn something new.

Upcoming events

Woodland Explorer Residential

Mon 29 May 2017
An exciting and fun three day residential woodland experience for 8 - 14 yr olds.

Bowl Carving

Tue 06 Jun 2017
Come and spend a wonderful day at the Footprint with Gareth Thomas hand carving a beautiful bowl, or kneading trough, out of local greenwood.

Bushcraft Club

Sat 10 Jun 2017
Come and join us at Bushcraft Club in the beautiful woods at Footprint.

Rustic Bench and Stool Making

Sat 01 Jul 2017
Create a rustic greenwood bench or stool using hand tools. Your bench will be ready to take home at the end of the day, and will look fantastic indoors or out.

Make a Shave Horse

Wed 12 Jul 2017
Make your own shave horse in an evening! This is a wonderfully versatile piece of equipment for working with greenwood. It is used to grip the length of wood you're working on and hold it steady to enable you to shape the wood using a drawknife...

Singing in harmony workshop

Sat 30 Sep 2017
Singing with others is an exhilarating and liberating experience and it's one that everybody can enjoy. If you've never sung anywhere but in the privacy of your own bathroom, then this approach makes the joy of singing with others easily accessible.



Building the Footprint

Almost 10 years ago, in June 2007 the construction of the Footprint building was completed. It was the first building in Cumbria to be constructed with straw bale walls, and the first of its kind built anywhere by the National Trust. It took a whole community, lots of passion and hard work to make it happen. Here's a time-lapse of the build.

The Footprint Building in Windermere Cumbria

Our first straw bale building 

A bit more detail on the beginnings of the Footprint.