Bring your dog to Fountains Abbey

Bring your dog to Fountains Abbey

With acres of land to explore Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal is a great place to come for a day out with your dog. There are plenty of places to discover and some nice long walks to enjoy through the gardens, abbey and deer park.

Just so you know...

This article was created before the coronavirus crisis, and may not reflect the current situation. Please check our homepage for the most up to date information about visiting.

What you need to know:

  • Please keep your dog on a lead.
  • Please pick up after your dog and put the waste bags in the bins around the grounds. These are marked on the map you recieve upon arrival.
  • There are spare dog bags at each admission point 
  • Dogs are allowed within the abbey, but please do not take them inside any buildings such as Fountains Hall.
  • There are outside areas to have a hot drink and a bite to eat with your dog in the visitor centre restaurant (limited seating with shelter), Studley tearooms and Mill Cafe.
  • You will find water bowls for your dog at the visitor centre, West Gate and Studley admissions as well as Mill Cafe and Studley tea-room.

Dogs in the visitor centre restaurant

You're welcome to bring your dog into the restaurant on paw-marked tables. Please take a moment to read the Canine Code below for what you need to know.

The Canine Code

Take the lead

Keep your dog close to you and on a short lead. This is to make sure they don’t trip you or another visitor up. 

Paws for though

Are you in the right area? Keep a look out for the pawprint signs telling you where you and your dog can sit. Help us to maintain our high levels of food hygiene by keeping your dog away from food service counters and always keep paws on the floor.

Be on the ball

While lots of us love dogs, some of us don’t. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dog doesn’t go up to other people. If your dog is getting distressed or barking, we will suggest alternative seating.

Please note that there will be occasional days when dog friendly seating won't be available indoors due to an event booking. You're welcome to sit with your dog on the patio on these days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you allowing dogs in the restaurant?

We welcome over 400,000 visitors to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal a year and a large number of these people love to bring their dogs. We ran a trial of dogs in the restaurant in response to visitors asking for a dog friendly space. The feedback demonstrated that there was a keen interest for dogs indoors.

Dogs in the restaurant will be constantly under review to make sure it’s the best solution for all our visitors.

How do I tell which table is dog friendly?

Enter through the signposted 'dog entrance' from the visitor centre courtyard. Each dog friendly table is marked with a paw print and Canine Code.  Please take a moment to acquaint yourselves with our Canine Code as you go in.

What if all the tables are taken?

The restaurant is based on a first come first served basis and anybody is welcome to sit at a table marked with a dog paw even if they don't have a dog. If all the tables are taken, you're welcome to take your dog through to the patio for more seating outdoors. 

Can I bring my dog(s) up to the counter to order?

Help us to maintain our high levels of food hygiene by keeping your dog away from food service counters. There's a lot of food out on display by the counter and others who may not want to have dogs near them.

If dogs aren't allowed at the counter, how do I order if I am a lone walker?

Please feel free to tie your dog up outside before going to order. If there's a table free once you've ordered you're then welcome to bring your pet inside.

Do dogs need to be kept on leads?

Yes, your pet pooch will need to be kept close to you on a short lead. There may be others in the area that want to enjoy their cuppa without a wet nose coming to say hello.

I'm scared or uncomfortable around dogs. Is there anywhere to sit away from dogs?

Yes, only a small number of tables are dog friendly. Please ask a member of staff where you can find a table away from dogs. The other tea-rooms on site, Mill Café and Studley tea-room have outdoor seating for dogs.

What if I feel the Canine Code isn't being followed by a dog owner?

Have a quiet word with a member of staff. They'll remind the owner of our doggy etiquette and if the disruption continues, they'll be asked to take an alternative seat.  

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