Fun for families at Fountains Abbey

There's acres of space where little legs can explore and imaginations can run riot here. You’ll be full of beans but out of puff once you’ve found a cave, a tunnel, spotted a special bird you’ve never seen before and discovered four new follies in the water garden.

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Run wild in the play area

Not far from the visitor centre there's a huge play area where inquisitive minds can be let loose to play. Climb high on the wooden abbey, speed along on the zip-wire and spin round and round on the roundabout. Parents can keep an eye out from picnic tables dotted around, or come and join in with building a den.

Little dare devils can climb to their hearts content!
Boys climbing on the mini abbey in the play area at Fountains Abbey
Little dare devils can climb to their hearts content!

It's a monk's life at Swanley Grange

Could you make your own clothes? That's what the monks had to do to make their robes, as they couldn't just pop to the shops. It took a long time to make something to wear as they had to spin the wool from the sheep's fleece and then weave it on a loom! Come to Swanley Grange and have a go at these heritage crafts. Don't worry though, we're not expecting you to make yourself a new jumper to wear - it's just for fun.

While you're there don't forget to say 'hi' to the chickens and see what's growing in the medieval garden.

There are eight chickens who live at Swanley Grange.
The chickens at Swanley Grange
There are eight chickens who live at Swanley Grange.

Nature is all around

It buzzes and bustles, rustles and creeps; come and find nature all around you on your visit. See if you can see a new animal, bug and bird. Summer is a great time to spot a newly born fawn or calf* in the deer park, a dipper on the river or if you're really lucky a stoat or an otter.

*did you know that the name of deer young varies according to which variety it is? We have three types of deer in the park and the young of a fallow deer is called a fawn but the young of the red or sika deer is called a calf.

Wildflowers are blooming in the undergrowth. Which ones can you can find and how do they smell? Remember, they like being left where they are to keep growing big and beautiful.

Snack stops

There are also two tea-rooms at each end of the site, Studley Royal tea-room and Mill Café, for you to take a snack stop. Tuck into some home-made scrumptious cake, local ice-cream or some juice to refresh and revive for the journey back.


If little legs get a bit tired from all the exploring, there's a free minibus service that runs between the visitor centre, Studley Royal admission point and West Gate admission point. It will also stop at St Mary's church if you want to have a look in this extravagant Victorian church.

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