George Stephenson’s Birthplace is currently closed

George Stephenson's Birthplace, Wylam, Northumberland

With the support from visitors, members and donors, George Stephenson’s Birthplace has been cared for by the National Trust for 68 years.

This simple home on the now idyllic banks of the Tyne was the birthplace of railway pioneer George Stephenson and his home for the first eight years of his life. His engineering legacy is renowned world-wide.

Having been faced with rising costs and a decline in visitor numbers, we regret that the birthplace, café and garden closed on 29 January 2017. 

During the closure, we're re-evaluating how this special place can be used to provide an experience that inspires visitors, whilst also being mindful of our limited charitable resources. 

The collection has been moved for safe-keeping and cared for by our specialist conservators. We will be maintaining the cottage during the temporary closure as we would any other tenanted property.  

We are currently looking at other ways to engage with visitors and tell the story of young George. 

We will update visitors in due course with plans for the future of George Stephenson’s Birthplace. 

Cherryburn, a Northumbrian farmstead celebrating local artist Thomas Bewick, is located only four miles from George Stephenson’s Birthplace, and is open as usual from February.

Visitors can also walk or cycle along the Wylam Waggonway, which runs past the Birthplace, and follow the course of the River Tyne. The waggonway itself is a haven for a variety of wildlife and we will continue to use this route for certain events throughout the year.

To learn more about George’s life, visitors can also head to Stephenson’s Railway Museum in Wallsend.